Toontown Offline V1.0.5.8

Tweaks & Fixes


  • Miscellaneous street DNA tweaks
  • Added some new emojis
  • Minor tweaks to the emoji panel
  • Added the Timer magic word to display a countdown timer
  • When starting an offline mode game on Windows, the game will now try to kill any lasting astron processes from previous sessions
  • Overhauled the episode selection menu
  • The SetNametagColor magic word now uses 0-255 values instead of 0-1
  • The classic Donald model (found in the beta Donald's Dreamland) has been overhauled to be more accurate
  • Back-end changes in preparation for the v1.1.0 update


  • Removed some windows that were placed inside of knock-knock doors
  • Adjusted some areas where you could see through the back sides of streets
  • Fixed some gaps in streets
  • Fixed some cases where invalid values could be entered into the StartHoliday and EndHoliday magic words which would crash the server
  • Fixed some cases where the 'Pictures Library' option for the Screenshot Directory setting would not work with certain setups
  • Adjusted the scale of the Shticker Book button texture when in a beta playground to prevent overlapping tab buttons
  • Fixed a scene in the Short Work episode where the Short Change would jitter while flying