Toontown Offline V1.0.5.7 Hotfixes hotfixes


  • The Shift-F1 debug screen now shows the Mini-Server name and address, your Toon's ID, and more detailed information about your OS version
  • When changing the Estate Music and Estate Popsicle Treasures options, a warning message saying to reload the area will now only appear if you are currently in an estate
  • Windows users can now opt to change their screenshot path to their Windows Pictures library; this is done with the Screenshot Directory option
  • When a party is cancelled or does not start, you will now receive a jellybean refund in your mailbox
  • The SetName magic word can now contain numbers and a couple more special characters
  • The Teleport GUI has been completely revamped to drastically improve usability and speed
  • Tweaked the appearance of broadcast messages


  • Fixed some interior door triggers which were misplaced causing users to not be able to exit with the Door Interaction Key enabled
  • Fixed some crashes relating to the meet here easter egg
  • Fix a crash that can occur with the Party fireworks
  • Fixed an issue where you could sometimes jump in a beta playground, producing a wonky animation
  • Fixed an issue with the SetName magic word which caused the AI to lock up if after a long name is inputted with a space at the end
  • Multi-line names (e.g. names generated through the Make-A-Cog easter egg) will now properly appear as one line in the friends list and server info panel
  • Fixed some issues with certain text strings when your Toon name contains the % symbol
  • Fixed the district population indicator circle to now be colored more accurately based on the population limit
  • Fixed a server crashed caused by running the ~broadcast command with a ton of emojis
  • Addressed some crashes relating to transformations