Toontown Offline V1.0.5.6

Features, Tweaks, & Fixes


  • Added interaction key options - when enabled, these require key presses to interact with doors, npcs, activities, or cogs to prevent accidental interactions
  • Added an emoji list button to the Speedchat + gui - This currently replaces the send button, but may be moved in a future update, currently you will need to use the enter key to send messages
  • Server owners can now change the 'Toontown Time' timezone in the server.json configuration file. Currently, valid options are US/Pacific, US/Mountain, US/Central, US/Eastern, and British, with more to come in the future.
  • Implemented Toon statues to Toontown Central as specified in the Toontown Online Design Document (page 23 of the Toontown Online Design Document) hese are disabled by default, but can be enabled with the safezone-activities server config variable
  • Server owners can now choose between 3 chat whitelists: TTO (0), Custom (1), or Both(2) with the chat-whitelist-mode server config variable. A custom whitelist can be defined in the custom-whitelist field in the server configuration file
  • Server owners can now set a multiplier for the amount of cogs on the server with the cog-count-multiplier field

Tweaks & Improvements

  • Some slight adjustments have been made to some GUI elements such as the Cog Disguise page
  • The shoulder camera angle will now look significantly better on small transforms (like doodles)
  • Users on Linux and macOS can now use the copy true friend code feature
  • Added the Interaction key to the Interact control group - this is used for the interaction key options, as well as for some future game play features
  • You can no longer start a firework show inside a beta playground
  • Announcements, Whispers, and Global Chat messages now support emojis
  • Minor tweaks to the Prologue episode
  • The game will now perform a 'clock resync' at a regular interval, for the end user, this sohuld offer improvements to some network quality issues, such as other players teleporting around instead of smoothly moving from place to place
  • The Jukebox GUI now shows more songs at a time
  • The Control Settings GUI is now bigger
  • Server administrators can now clear and lock props from other zones


  • All text which referenced a key bind will once again properly display your custom key binds, as opposed to being stuck as the defaults
  • Text-to-speech will now properly toggle instantly
  • Fixed the retro settings screen not properly displaying all retro options
  • Laff regeneration now works properly in Toontown Outskirts, Chip 'n' Dale's Campsite, and Toontown Fields
  • Laff regeneration will properly go into effect when changing health in a safe zone
  • Hopping off of a trampoline when using the first person or shoulder camera modes will no longer cause you to get stuck in a gui you can't click out of
  • Boss parties will now show an error message if it requires a promotion
  • Fixed an issue where a micro game timer could disappear
  • Fixed some inconsistencies with some magic words that involve finding an NPC Toon name
  • The Sellbot HQ signs in front of the Oak Street tunnel will now load properly
  • Fixed some misaligned props in Toontown Central and Goofy Speedway
  • When new hotkeys are added via an update, they will be automatically assigned to their default control instead of complaining about an unknown keybind