Toontown Offline V1.0.5.5

General Polish and Emojis


  • Added emojis to chat. These can be sent by entering :emojiname: into the chat. The current emojis available are :bossbot:, :cashbot:, :lawbot:, :sellbot:, :dd:, :ddl:, :dg:, :gs:, :mml:, :tb:, :ttc:, and :gyro:
  • Some Toon Tips now include small text graphics for accessibility
  • The Ambulance Chaser misc transformation now has a strafe animation
  • Disabled the Peach Dog easter egg
  • Improved some camera angles in the Short Work episode


  • Introduced hardware animation to the cogs in Gyro's Lab and the Cog Bar in the Prologue and Short Work episodes respectively, this can provide about a 30% increase in frame rate for some users

Bug Fixes

  • When at high frame rates, the elevators in Short Work will now function properly
  • Fixed an issue where the camera in most episode cutscenes would reparent to the player instead of the scene when using first-person or the shoulder camera