Toontown Offline V1.0.5.4

Camera Controls & More

Camera Controls

  • When in first-person mode, the left and right controls will now cause your toon to strafe as opposed to rotating
  • When in first-person mode, pressing the Switch Camera hotkey will toggle between first-person and an over-the-shoulder mouse controlled third person mode Hotfixes

  • The following is the change notes for hotfixes ( &


  • Updated control and display settings dialogs for consistency
  • Adjusted some textures for the settings page
  • The camera in the on-foot first person mode now controls exactly like the vehicle first person camera
  • - Piles of snow can now be found in the Brrrgh outskirts theme. Touching these piles will give you 20 snowballs to throw.
  • Entering first person mode on foot will increase the FOV

Bug Fixes

  • During Halloween, Franken-Donald's chat is no longer a thought bubble
  • Tutorial Terrace now plays the proper street music instead of the outskirts interior theme
  • Buildings on Tutorial Terrace now play the proper interior theme
  • The PlantFlowers magic word will no longer accept invalid species or varieties
  • When using first person mode, opening the magic menu will no longer cause you to get stuck
  • The camera will no longer spin 360° when performing a dance move on the party dance floor
  • Hotkeys that utilize control, shift, or alt modifiers will no longer break after entering a party with a dance floor or playing certain trolley games
  • The camera will no longer appear to snap when using the look up or down buttons
  • The camera will no longer get misaligned from your toon in first person mode while on foot
  • When using first person mode on foot, you will no longer see your head clip through the camera
  • Adjusted the first person camera near clip plane to prevent clipping through objects