Toontown Offline V1.0.5.3

Features, Tweaks and Bug Fixes


  • Added Low Memory Mode. This is an option which enables texture compression and is more strict about cleaning up textures and models stored in memory. This lowers graphics memory usage, but lowers the visual fidelity of the game, and may introduce some stuttering as the game will have to reload textures once they are unloaded
  • The unused 'Pro Racer' mode from Toontown Online can now be enabled in the server configuration, this drastically changes racing physics
  • You can now drive in first person by pressing the first person camera hotkey
  • dded a new server config variable send-extra-data: this will disable clients sending unnecessary details like wheel and head rotation in racing. This can be useful for populated servers running on very low end hardware, or for a more classic experience


  • Other racers should appear to move more smoothly
  • The wheels on other players' karts will now steer
  • Improved the regular first person camera mode
  • The sensitivity of the first person camera can be adjusted in the settings
  • Adjusted some aspects of the Magic Menu GUI for UI consistency
  • Adjusted alignment of the tabs for the Events and Fishing pages
  • Adjusted the positions of the sign texts and clock text on the party gate so they no longer appear to float
  • Adjusted the positions of the trees in Goofy's Speedway so they no longer appear to float
  • The debug menu will now show more information about your toon's position when your toon is parented to another object (like when riding Donald's boat)
  • The camera movements when entering and exiting the racing starting blocks and viewing platforms are now faster and smoother

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed crash when mounting Karts or racing
  • Help bubbles on the settings page will now properly cleanup when the page is closed or navigated away from
  • Fixed many crashes relating to doodles
  • Fixed Load Props not functioning
  • The position, rotation, scale, and color scale input boxes when editing a prop will now only accept numeric values as inputs
  • The Chat Log and Prop Generator UIs will no longer resize while dragging
  • The teleporter GUI will no longer cause a hiccup on first load
  • The photo album page will now properly show screenshots that are in formats other than .png
  • Using the SetName magic word will now properly allow names that end with a period or contain apostrophes without a space after them
  • Toon drop shadows now properly reappear when emerging from swimming in Donald's Dock
  • Pressing the left or right hot keys will no longer switch pages while typing in an input box in the Shticker book