Toontown Offline V1.0.5.2

Options Revamp, Tweaks and Bug Fixes

Options Revamp

  • The options page has been completely revamped
  • Options can now be changed from the Pick-A-Toon screen
  • Screenshots can now be saved as Targa (.tga), TIFF (.tif), and OpenEXR (.exr) files in addition to JPEG and PNG
  • Screenshot format can now be changed in-game via the options menu
  • Added Maximum FPS options
  • Added Aspect Ratio options
  • Added Anisotropic Filtering options
  • Added Street Map Opacity slider
  • Added Shticker Book Size slider
  • Anti-Aliasing can now be toggled between Off, 2x MSAA, 4x MSAA, and 8x MSAA
  • Removed Retro Stretched Screen option (this is now achieved by setting the aspect ratio option to 4:3)
  • The Transparent Shticker Book option has been replaced the Shticker Book Background option which allows you to choose a custom color and transparency level
  • Retro options can now be toggled in-game


  • Lawbot DA Office laser games no longer pull all toons into battle
  • Added frame rate and frame time statistics to the debug overlay
  • The help page can now be accessed from Pick-A-Toon
  • The FPS meter is now more accurate to real-time, as opposed to displaying the average of the last 30 seconds
  • Added an easter egg to enable Make-A-Cog by setting the Shticker Book Background to a specific value
  • Introduced Occlusion Culling to Toontown Outskirts & Cashbot HQ; this should provide noticeable frame rate improvements in certain places where parts of the level are hidden behind walls
  • The SetPos command now accepts relative coordinates by prefixing with ~ for Axis-Aligned relative coordinates, or ^ for Toon-Aligned relative coordinates; More information can be viewed on this by clicking the More Info button on the Info screen for the magic word
  • Added new props to the prop generator
  • Slightly adjusted the appearance of the Smokin' Foreman cog

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when firing out of a party cannon
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when leaving the Toontown Outskirts zone relating to the battle menu
  • Sellbot Field Offices will no longer crash when playing as a Gyro or Scrooge toon
  • Fixed crashes caused by the Smokin' Foreman cog
  • Fixed various issues in the Short Work episode
  • When zoomed in, the height of the camera will now properly update in the Gender Shop in Make-A-Toon
  • Lawbot Field Offices now properly respect a custom jump key bind
  • The Silly Meter now properly respects the smooth animations option
  • The ~GetPos magic word will now properly return the coordinates as X, Y, Z instead of X, Y, X
  • Stability improvements to jukebox looping
  • tability improvements to the Hide-and-Seek micro game
  • Closing the teleport GUI no longer allows the toon to walk while in battle
  • Fixed a long standing issue from Toontown Online that prevented health popup text from not fading out properly
  • Fixed missing alpha channel for retro Pick-A-Toon squares
  • When changing camera views, the camera no longer appears to snap towards the end of the animation
  • Movement of other Toons in multiplayer should appear significantly smoother and more responsive
  • General stability improvements