Toontown Offline V1.0.5.0

Holiday V.P. Battle, Nerfs Mode, Toontown Outskirts Themes, Tweaks, Bug Fixes, and More

Code Overhauls

  • Once again, we have made some backend improvements to key features in Toontown with the help of the leaked Disney code found in Anesidora. This time, we have overhauled the DNA and Nametag systems. To those unaware, the DNA system is used to structure all of the Playgrounds and Streets in the game, whilst the Nametag system is responsible for the nametags you see over the heads of Toons and Cogs, as well as the whispers you see on the interface. These changes should result in overall better performance and stability, as we are now using the exact code Disney used in the original game. Please let us know if you have any issues as a result of these large changes.

External Magic Words

  • Recently, we've rolled out a new feature to the Official Toontown Offline Mini-Server that allows us to execute commands in-game through a Discord bot. In this update, we will be opening this functionality up to the general public. This will only be of use to server hosters who wish to hook up a bot to their Mini-Server. As of now, this is heavily undocumented, unsupported, and overall experimental. In the future, we plan to give this feature more support and functionality. To start using this feature, head over to the config folder in your Toontown Offline directory. From there, you should see a file named "bot.json" if you have ran a server or Offline Mode at least once before. You can then add a small selection of commands to this file, which will run and clear out within a second of saving. The current format for inputting commands treats the dictionary keys as commands, and the values as arguments. The currently available commands are: Announce, Broadcast, StartHoliday, EndHoliday, Snap, BanId, KickId, Update, and Maintenance.

Boss Party Improvements

  • We're continuing to make improvements to both the Boss Party system and the instances you can access through it. Read on for a variety of changes involving Boss Parties, including a hint at what's to come.
  • Added an info button to the Boss Party Planning interface. Pressing this button will give a short description about the currently selected Boss Party.
  • Certain Boss Parties no longer require a promotion to enter, such as a Storm Sellbot V.P. or Courtroom Catastrophe.
  • When receiving a whisper about a Boss Party that has begun, you will now be informed on the specific type of Boss Party that was created, rather than just being told the category.
  • Added a Sudden Death feature to Courtroom Catastrophe. After 15 minutes pass, Sudden Death mode will activate and evidence will begin to be worth increasingly more weight. This should hopefully encourage shorter match lengths and prevent stalemates in the future.
  • Added a new Magic Word, SkipCourtroomCatastrophe. This Magic Word allows you to skip the introduction cutscene in Courtroom Catastrophe.
  • Restricted the use of cheat Magic Word in Courtroom Catastrophe.
  • The scale in Courtroom Catastrophe now better reflects the progress of each team.
  • An icon now shows under the bonus weight timer in Courtroom Catastrophe to indicate which team has the bonus.
  • The full, non-rounded weight of evidence now displays on the Lawyer Interface in Courtroom Catastrophe.
  • Fixed a few issues involving clicking on Lawyer nametags in Courtroom Catastrophe.
  • Bottom Feeder Lawyers in Courtroom Catastrophe now have a slower throwing animation to match with when evidence actually leaves their hands.
  • Lawyers in Courtroom Catastrophe who are attacking Toons will not be able to hit a Toon now until the evidence leaves their hand.
  • Added a gavel near each podium in Courtroom Catastrophe.
  • Adjusted the position of the help text in Courtroom Catastrophe.
  • Coming soon is a brand new Boss Party Mini-Game, Sellbot Showdown. You can see a preview of what this game is all about by checking the Boss Party Planning interface!

Toontown Outskirts

  • Our end goal with the Toontown Outskirts is to shape it into a zone where you can hang out and perform a variety of different activities. This update brings a couple new features that improve the quality and functionality of the Outskirts.
  • Added unique playground soundtracks for each individual Outskirts theme. Each track will play automatically depending on the the current theme of the Outskirts, but you can also listen to each one regardless of theme using the Jukeboxes in the Outskirts and Toontown Central. Head over and give them all a listen!
  • Added roaming Cogs to the Outskirts. The department of the Cogs that spawn corresponds to the most popular department in the theme's respective playground. For example, since Daisy Gardens is primarily Sellbot-themed, only Sellbots will roam the Outskirts if the Daisy Gardens theme is active.
  • Tweaked the spawn locations in the Outskirts.

Magic Words

  • Added a new Magic Word, Filter. This Magic Word allows you to enable a variety of visual filters that change how the game looks. We've started this feature off with a handful of filters, but expect more in the future. The currently available filters are: GrayScale, Rainbow, RainbowGradient, and Drunk.
  • Added a new Magic Word, ToggleVertexPainting. This Magic Word will toggle the vertex shading of all rendered objects.
  • Added two new Magic Words, MailFurniture and MailAllFurniture. These Magic Words allow you to mail furniture items to yourself using furniture IDs.
  • Added a new Magic Word, ToggleShowVerticies. This Magic Word will toggle a visualization of vertex density on your screen.
  • Added a new Magic Word, ToggleBackfaceCulling. This Magic Word will toggle the culling mode of the scene, making the back faces of objects see-through.
  • Added a new Magic Word, ToggleFrontfaceCulling. This Magic Word will toggle the culling mode of the scene, making the front faces of objects see-through.
  • Added a new Magic Word, ToggleTightBounds and ToggleBounds. These Magic Words will toggle a visualization of object bounds by creating boxes around objects.
  • Added a new Magic Word, RenderModeWireframe. This Magic Word will toggle a wireframe overlay over all objects.
  • Added a new Magic Word, SetInverted. This will toggle an inversion of the game's graphics.
  • Added a new Magic Word, SetSrgbEncode.
  • Added a new Magic Word, SetHighDynamicRange.

Misc. Features

  • Added text for when the Toon uses a gag in the Short Work battle.
  • Added various new Toon Tips that related to new features exclusive to Toontown Offline.
  • Added a new transformation to the TransformMisc Magic Word, Toon Mickey. The Toon Mickey transformation uses the Mickey model, but with Toon animations. This allows players to do all sorts of different things with Mickey that they normally wouldn't be able to.
  • Added a few more songs to the Jukeboxes in Toontown Central and the Toontown Outskirts.
  • Added a few aliases to existing Magic Words.


  • Converted all fonts to .ttf format. This will make all fonts in the game appear in a much higher quality than before.
  • Polished the transition between the normal and broken leaderboards in Goofy Speedway.
  • Polished the V.P. Boss Battle Introduction Cutscene.
  • Improved the lockdown of certain Magic Words for Boss Parties that restrict cheats.
  • Jukeboxes should now restore their music after minimizing and un-minimizing the game.
  • Tweaked a few housing item visuals.
  • Replaced lower-quality Field Office textures with higher quality versions.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an exploit that would allow the player to throw multiple pies at once by purposely freezing their game. This exploit was most popularly used to stun all the Cogs at once in the C.J. Boss Battle.
  • Fixed a district reset related to Toon Estates.
  • Fixed a district reset when finishing a Circuit Race.
  • Fixed a crash after finishing the first round of the C.E.O. Boss Battle.
  • Fixed a crash when starting the Crashed Leaderboard holiday when already loaded into Goofy Speedway.
  • Fixed a crash when fighting the Toon in the Short Work Episode.
  • Fixed a few textures that became broken as a result of recent PNG conversion.