Toontown Offline V2.5.0

The Offline Update

New game setup, launcher, and multi-platform support

  • Over the past year, we at Toontown Offline have made it a goal to modernize our game. Offline was originally an open-sourced project with several requirements for play, making our users download this, that, and the other thing before they were able to play. This problem was somewhat fixed in our past updates, such as the Prologue in July 2016. We want people to play our game who have limited technical knowledge, so this was a must. Also, up until recent months, you would have to manually start 3 ‘.bat’ files in order to start up the game. We removed that obstacle as well. Finally, the v2.5.0 update is a culmination of all these strives to make the setup of Toontown Offline pain-free, and ‘professional’ in a sense. No longer will you have to download a ZIP file to play our game, but instead you can download our new and improved installer directly from our website! The old game download will no longer be supported.

    This installer should not only install the game for you, but any possible packages that you may need depending on your version of Windows. That means no more manual installation of fixes for your broken game! In addition, you will have an easier time of choosing where you want to install the game. Like most other games you install, when our setup is completed, a shortcut icon to play the game will be left on your Desktop.

    The old Toontown Offline launcher was nice, but it needed a lot of work. We have made a brand new launcher with new, yet familiar art for you long-time Toontown veterans out there. In the new launcher, you can save the name and IP Address of servers you love, and easily click on them to play rather than type it in each time. Aside from this, a multitude of other enhancements will be noticeable. This ranges from the option to easily edit ALL your settings, or the ability to go to our homepage from the click of a button! We advise you check out all our new launcher has to offer.

    A huge bug in the old launcher took away from the most important part of our game- the Offline functionality. While it was always possible to play Singleplayer, the old launcher had a major issue requiring an internet connection in order to run the game. This bug has been solved in the new launcher. Now, you can truly play our game without an internet connection.

    Finally, we would like to introduce something long-awaited by much of the Toontown Offline fanbase. Mac Support. It’s finally here folks, after much waiting you will be able to download and install Toontown Offline for your Mac OS without having to boot up a Windows emulator to play. Please inform us on our Discord if you are playing on a Mac and encounter any issues whatsoever. Download the Toontown Offline Installer for Windows or Mac in the #welcome-rules channel in our Discord, or at our website:

Offline Rebrand

  • Recently, Toontown Offline has taken on a sort of ‘rebrand’ to our game. We are striving for more quality content than ever before, and because of that we would like to be more independent. Our source code is based on 2014 Toontown Rewritten source as some may know, and our game also includes the Elections and Toonfest. However, we are making an effort to swap out a few Toontown Rewritten things from our game to be more independent. Several of these things will be listed now, and a couple later on in the release notes.
  • Toontown Offline now has a brand new title screen! Please leave your feedback on this title screen so we can work to improve it if it’s not well liked among our community.
  • With our new title screen comes a brand new Toontown Offline theme made by Toontown Musician. In the future, variations of this new theme will also be heard during holidays!
  • The buttons on the Pick-A-Toon screen have been slightly altered, and a new button, the Info button, has been added.
  • The loading screen has been redone! It features community-submitted screenshots of the game, and these screenshots will correlate based on several things- whether the area is a Toon or Cog one, whether a holiday is ongoing, or whether you are in an Episode. There is a new game setting which can be toggled to totally randomize the loading screen.

Improved Miniserver Hosting

  • For our mini-server hosters, we’ve set up a singular file to start up your server. The settings for all aspects of your server, ranging from the optional server passwords, to the District name, and even new Server Description will be stored here. This should hopefully make hosting a server less of a headache!
  • Server Descriptions for Mini-Servers have been added to let other know what your server is all about.
  • A tutorial will soon be made in our #frequently-asked-questions channel to set up server descriptions, and run you through the new Mini-Server startup.
  • A long awaited ban manager has been added to Toontown Offline. Server hosters can finally rid of those pesky users who cause trouble, either by breaking your rules or resetting the districts. If you have any trouble with our new ban manager, please contact a developer with your issue.
  • Server administrators can now use an in-game command to alter the access level of players.

Improved Holidays in Toontown Offline

  • Halloween may have just passed, but we’ve made a few changes and additions to the event from last year.
  • Our title screen, pick-a-toon screen, and theme for the Halloween holiday have all been re-done to make this event a better experience!
  • The animated pumpkins seen in Toontown Central will be make a reappearance in every playground instead of solely TTC.
  • Bats now fly around Toontown Central.
  • The Spooky Skelecog in Toontown Central has moved, and now looks different.
  • Halloween speedchat phrases have been slightly tweaked.
  • A new Holiday Passcode system had been added for future holiday use. This makes way for unique features in specific Mini-Servers.
  • Various polishing has been done to both the Halloween and Christmas holidays to prevent crashing, and to sync up what different players see.

Magic Word Additions

  • In most Toontown projects, ‘Magic Words’ as they’re called have been used to debug the game, or sometimes just have fun. Since the creation of Toontown Offline, these have been vastly expanded on in our project. Now, we want to shift the feeling of Magic Words from a debug or non-supported tool to that which is considered a core game feature. This being said, we’ve made several updates to Magic Words to help form this idea.
  • Magic Mille is a new NPC based between the forests of Acorn Acres and Toonfest, which is here to instruct Toons on all the uses of Magic Words! She has just entered Toontown, meaning she may be a bit shy at first. However, a Magic Word tutorial will be implemented in a future update.
  • Now that Magic Mille is here to watch over all Magic Word usage of Toons, she is now your interpreter for using them. Any time you use a Magic Word now, she will be the Toon responding to your usage of them rather than this mysterious ‘Spellbook’ you would see in your previous whispers.
  • The Magic Word page in your Sthickerbook now has a useful slider to use rather than having to press a button each time you want to scroll down a single word.
  • The ‘~green’ command has had numerous additions to it. You may now type out any NPC name to come green yourself, or the Toon you desire. In addition, using the command like ‘~green toon’ will clone an exact copy of your Toon to green with. Cog disguise, clothing, accessories, even cheesy effects will all be copied onto that Toon. A very unique entity has also been added to the ‘~green’ command. You can check it out by executing ‘~green panda’.
  • A couple of new Cogs have been added to the pool of ones you can green with. Some of the abbreviations may be released to the public, and some may be password protected!
  • As an experimental feature, you may use the ‘~green’ command to green with the entire Sellbot family. Just use ‘~green sellbots’. Keep in mind that there is a cooldown if you green with the entire Cog type!
  • A new command, ‘~rainbow’, will make the entire Tooniverse go rainbow just for you. Use the command once more to end this wacky effect.
  • A new command, ‘~setCharIndex`, will allow you to change yourself into a Disney character.
  • A new command, ‘~setDoodleIndex’, will transform you into your Doodle! If you do not have a Doodle, you will turn into Fluffy.
  • A new command, ‘~setGoonIndex’, will allow you to change yourself into a couple different Goons.
  • A new command, ‘~setBossIndex’, will allow you to change yourself into a mini version of any of the four Cog Bosses.
  • Two new commands, ‘~setMoney’ and ‘~setTokens’ will allow you to set your value of Beans and Tokens respectively.
  • Two new commands, ‘~setEyes’ and ‘~setMuzzle’ allow to alter the eyes and muzzle of your Toon respectively.
  • A new command, ‘~instaDelivery’, will allow items you order from a Toonfest Prize Vendor or from the Cattlelog to arrive almost instantly to your house.
  • Toony would love this one- Using the new command ‘~nudify’ will set your Toon’s DNA to that of a naked Toon.
  • A new command, ‘~setScale’, allows you to make your Toon up to 5 times larger than normal, and up to 10 times smaller!
  • A new command, ‘~stunVp’, will stun the V.P. for you in his boss battle.
  • A new command, ‘~tPose’, will automatically set your avatar to a t-pose position. Even if you are in a disguise, transformed into a goon, boss, or doodle, this will still work.
  • A new command, ‘~setPlayRate’, will allow you to change the speed of your animations.(edited)
  • A ‘~getNumFrames’ command has been added for testing/debug purposes.
  • A ‘~setH’ command has been added for testing/debug purposes.
  • You may now transform into a virtual Cog with the ‘~setCogIndex’ command.
  • The ‘~oboe’ command has been returned to something that will only affect the invoker.

Toonfest - Now all year round

  • Now, the majority of the Toontown Rewritten event known as Toonfest is in Toontown Offline for Toons to enjoy all year round!
  • Trees have been placed in Toonfest.
  • Picnic tables are now in Toonfest.
  • Toonfest Tokens are here! Go fish, or play with trampolines and cannons to get yourself some Toonfest Tokens!
  • Spend your Toonfest Tokens at the Prize Vendors in Toonfest Towers. Most 2015 Toontown Rewritten prizes are here, including a couple of unique ones exclusive to Toontown Offline.
  • Alec Tinn was asked to perform his hot-air balloon duties again by Flippy, and will bring Toons to the top of Toonfest Tower in his balloon. The cutscene has been edited slightly from the one in Toontown Rewritten.
  • A ‘Take me to Toonfest!’ button will only be shown in Toonfest so Toons can be brought back down from exploring the Toonfest Tower.
  • A new tunnel can now be found in Toonfest to take Toons to the mysterious zone in which Magic Mille resides!
  • A day and night cycle can be witnessed in the two Toonfest zones. This is disabled by default in the settings, but can be enabled for individual persons. 24 November 2017

The Bossbots and their Headquaters

  • Once again, the Bossbots have refurbished their Cog Headquarters. This new area is now smaller than before, but larger than the HQ seen in Disney’s Toontown Online. There is a special path carved out that leads to another area of Bossbot HQ, but for now your Toon is too frightened to explore back there. Perhaps soon enough, you’ll have to explore it anyway.
  • Geysers are no more in BBHQ, although you can still damage yourself by walking in an oil river!
  • The Terrifying Two golf course is now separated from the three normal Cog Golf Courses.
  • Because of the renovations on Bossbot Headquarters, Flippy will no longer assign a task to visit the Executive Office Tower for high-laff Toons. Keep in mind that this tower is still out there, deep in the woods of Bossbot Headquarters. For now, Flippy’s concern about the happenings at it has resided.
  • The C.E.O. will no longer only demote to a Flunky. Upon defeat, he can demote to a variety of different Bossbots. This paves the way for a key storyline element in a future update.(edited)

Revisiting the Prologue & wrapping up Gyro's Tale

  • After evaluating the Toontown Offline storyline, we’ve decided to change several things in our first ever episode, the Prologue. We figured these changes were right, considering some other things we have been wanting to add. This includes things like new staff member easter eggs, a newly modeled Chairman, and much more. Here are some updates to the Prologue, which we advise checking out once more.
  • The intro cutscene for the Prologue has been polished.
  • The Chairman has gotten a make-over! This is the final model of the Chairman we will be sticking with.
  • The end of Old Oak Street has been revamped with a brand new street-extension.
  • The Lab Cutscene in the Prologue has has been completely redone, both storyline-wise and graphical wise.
  • There is now an additional important scene at the end of the Prologue.
  • New staff member NPC Toons have been added to follow the trend of staff easter eggs in the Prologue.
  • Scrooge's height has been altered.
  • Several of the Prologue changes were added to compliment the events in the Gyro’s Tale - Part 3 episode, which has also been added this update. If you enjoy the Toontown Offline storyline, we implore you to check out the Gyro’s Tale episode one last time to get the full understanding we’ve wanted to show. All of these additions and changes are also made to reflect the upcoming update, Operation: Duck Hunt.
  • The first two parts of the Gyro's Tale episode has recieved polishing.
  • All the Toontown Offline Episodes have now been sorted in order of events.

Retro Mode Improvements

  • Added Retro Create-A-Toon.
  • Added Retro Pick-A-Toon.
  • Added old chat bubble texture.
  • Added old whisper sound effect.
  • Added original "GUI_rollover".
  • Added old closet GUI.
  • Added old eyes and teleport hole textures.
  • Various other unlisted Retro Mode tweaks.

Cog Disguise Versatility

  • When teleporting somewhere while in a Cog disguise, you will fly away like a normal Cog does.
  • Nearly all the gags, when used in a Cog disguise, will have cog-like animations played in place of Toony ones.
  • You may now open your Sthickerbook as a Cog.
  • You may now throw pies as a Cog.
  • You may now jump as a Cog.
  • You may now jump into a cog kart as a Cog.
  • You may now race as a Cog.
  • Several mini-games now have Cogs play the correct animations.
  • A multitude of other Cog animations have been correctly placed throughout many events in Toontown to replace their Toony counterparts.

Misc. Additions and Tweaks

  • For hopefully the last time, the DNA system in Toontown Offline has been rewritten. Game startup times may be a second or two longer, but this has allowed us to support Mac and Linux.
  • The sound system Toontown Offline runs on has been changed.
  • The toontorial has been reverted to how it was in Toontown Online. However, if both Retro Mode and Classic Characters are disabled, then Mickey or Minnie will not appear.
  • Added the exclaim bubble. Start a message with ‘!’ in order to send an exclamatory message.
  • A couple of Cogs, otherwise only seen from using the ‘~green’ command, are now able to be spawned and fought.
  • You may now give a new NPC in the sos.json file accesories to wear.
  • The color of the snowball “SPLAT!” has been changed to reflect a snowball better.
  • The Elections Pick-A-Toon screen art has been redone.
  • The Hackerbot suit textures, including the face textures for the tier 2 Hackerbot, have been redone.
  • The Terrifying Two theme has been redone.
  • To complement the ways to receive damage in Cashbot and Bossbot Headquarters, Sellbot HQ now has a way to take damage of it’s own. Be sure to avoid the oil slicks in the SBHQ courtyard!
  • Added the Flower of Doom, aka Jesse Schell’s finest creation. You will need a FULL Mini-Server to activate this!
  • The Clothing ID tab in the ‘Magic’ page of your Shtickerbook has received upgrades so you can preview and apply all the clothing you select.
  • Added a new type of unite, the ‘Toon-Down’ unite, inspired and code adapted from Little Yippie Pinkerflip. Only those with Administrator role can obtain there.
  • All four Cog departments now have unique waiter suits.
  • The ‘Testing’ speedchat phrases have been renamed to ‘Community’ phrases. Phrases under this category have received minor changes and cleanup.
  • Added several funny phrases to Speedchat.
  • Toon HQ officers now man the pericope in Toon Headquarters.
  • Several color ordering tweaks have been made in the code.
  • Bright Pink has been added to Toon Colors.
  • Black clothing is now possible.
  • Swag Foreman has been renamed to Smokin’ Foreman.
  • The Swagtory has been renamed to The Smokestacks.
  • Some Magic Word descriptions in the Magic Word page of your Sthickerbook have been tweaked.
  • The Doctor Surlee cheesy effect now has a monkey sound effect.
  • Various shirts have been updated and added.
  • Several key files for the game are now located in new folders.
  • Added a warning to users who attempt to start a Toontown Offline server if the option to automatically do so is enabled.
  • Added three new nametag styles.
  • Added new team-member GM icons.
  • Added the Buff Shark's Office. Use '~tp bfo' to teleport there.
  • Added the Retro Zone.

Bug Fixes & Cleanup

  • Fixed an issue where some users would be blocked from playing due to a building texture on their screen.
  • Nearly all district resets in the game have been patched. This is due to a change made where if a district reset were to occur, the Toon who causes it will crash instead instead of the full server. However, district resets are still possibly- although this is a very slim chance.
  • Toon-up has been fixed in a multitude of scenarios, such as singleplayer, multiplayer, and using SOS cards in singleplayer.
  • Fixed a random crash that would sometime happen upon entering a door.
  • Fixed a crash relating to the Geyser in Acorn Acres.
  • Cogs will no longer get stuck while entering the V.P. lobby.
  • West Wing shadows have been improved by Seto.
  • Rewrote the '~spawnProp' command so it will no longer be bugged.
  • Fixed a District Reset related to changing house type.
  • Temporary fix for a crash relating to deleting wallpaper.
  • Fixed Toons in waiter suits missing their head upon dying in their disguise.
  • Fixed the Ice-Slide minigame.
  • Fixed knock-knock doors.
  • Cleaned up an easter egg Cog.
  • Added an easter egg Cog with a new attack.
  • Removed an easter egg Cog.
  • Fixed a small issue relating to the swimming sound Toons make.
  • Various other small cleanups.