Toontown Offline V1.0.4.0

Holiday V.P. Battle, Nerfs Mode, Toontown Outskirts Themes, Tweaks, Bug Fixes, and More

Holiday V.P. Battle

  • Toontown is in the midst of the holiday season! Doodles are jumping, snowmen are singing carols of holiday cheer, and the Cogs are... having fun? That's right- the Cogs are now joining in on the holiday fun! Starting this year, the Sellbot V.P. will have a holiday celebration of his own at Sellbot Towers. The V.P. battle has been updated with a new holiday-themed environment, a costume for the V.P., new music, attacks, and more! Hop in a battle with the V.P. during the holiday season to check out what's new. This feature was inspired by an old piece of concept art created by Toontown Online artist Bruce Woodside, later adapted to a full-color version in a Toontown Online newsletter. We hope you enjoy this new festive feature!
  • The Holiday V.P. battle will run through the entire winter holiday, alongside the pre-existing decorations and winter holiday features.
  • On Christmas Eve, Christmas day, New Years Eve, and New Years day, there will be a special cutscene featured at the end of the Holiday V.P. battle.
  • While the Holiday V.P. battle is available, only 4 and 5 star SOS cards will be available as a reward. In addition, two new SOS cards have been added to to the game- Santa Paws and Professor Flake. These two new SOS cards will serve up a Wedding Cake and Geyser respectively, and can only be obtained during the holidays, or with the use of Magic Words. With the addition of this feature, custom SOS cards are now able to use the Wedding Cake and Geyser gags.
  • In the Holiday V.P. battle, Toons use snowballs to freeze up the V.P.'s works. Players can also obtain and use snowballs anywhere with the use of Magic Words.

Nerfs Mode

  • In legacy versions of Toontown Offline, we used to have a gamemode that would make it easier to play through the game by yourself. This feature was not too extensive, and many areas of the game were still too difficult to play alone despite this. Today, we are happy to announce the new and improved Nerfs Mode. Nerfs Mode is a new server setting that can be manually enabled by editing the server.json file found in the config folder of your Toontown Offline directory. When enabled, a host of changes will be enabled that improves Toontown Offline for solo play.
  • Nerfs Mode changes nearly all Toontasks, Cog generation values, and side activities in the entire game. We have decided to take the approach of tuning certain systems down rather than changing them altogether. For example, when Nerfs Mode is enabled, all gags will remain exactly the same- both in respect to how much damage they do, and how much EXP is required to learn the following gag. The key difference will be the Cogs you fight against. In Nerfs Mode, the highest level Cog you will typically see will be 8 or 9. Level 10 and 11 Cogs are extremely rare, and level 12 Cogs will not appear in the game at all. The amount of Cogs in instances such as Cog Buildings and Boss Battles has been drastically reduced, and the mechanics that involve additional Cogs joining have also changed. All-in-all, these changes should make progressing through the game much easier by yourself.
  • The real-time combat rounds of Boss Battles have been made easier in Nerfs Mode.
  • All multipliers have naturally been increased by a factor of 4 in Nerfs Mode.
  • Gardens grow 4 times a day in Nerfs Mode.
  • The trophy requirements for Racing and Golfing has been drastically reduced in Nerfs Mode.
  • For the time being, completing any golf course in Nerfs mode will count as a multiplayer course completion. A solution for multiplayer races has not yet been implemented. In the future, we would like to implement some way for an NPC Toon to join you in racing or golfing in order to make completing these activites entirely possible by yourself.
  • Fish rarities have been capped at Very Rare in Nerfs Mode.
  • As these changes are so extensive, we have not been able to test them all. If you encounter any issues with Nerfs Mode, whether it be a bug, or odd choice of difficulty, please contact us so we can improve this new mode.

Toontown Outskirts Themes

  • The Toontown Outskirts is a new zone exclusive to Toontown Offline that has been around for a while now. In the context of the actual game, zone area bridges the gap between the tunnel you see in Tutorial Terrace, and the place where you end up teleporting into Toontown Central. However, in another context, the area also serves as a just-for-fun hangout zone that pays tribute to the history of Toontown in more ways than one. With this update, we plan to expand the scope of the Toontown Outskirts with a new feature called Toontown Outskirts Themes. This feature will allow you to change the appearance of the Toontown Outskirts zone into any of the six main playgrounds- Toontown Central, Donald's Dock, Daisy Gardens, Minnie's Melodyland, The Brrrgh, or Donald's Dreamland. These new appearances aren't meant to be taken seriously, and moreso serve as a "what-if" scenario for how the Outskirts would look if themed after each playground. In addition to the Outskirts, the static Tutorial Terrace zone connected to the Outskirts will also change according to the current theme you have enabled.
  • There is a new server setting in the server.json file that can be manually edited to change the default theme of the Toontown Outskirts upon server boot. By default, the theme is Toontown Central.
  • The base Toontown Outskirts and Tutorial Terrace theme has had slight updates and modifications.


  • Fixed an issue that would prevent MacOS Big Sur users from starting the launcher.

Misc. Features

  • Disney Characters in the Beta Playgrounds now react to phrases said by the Toontalker.
  • Restored old Toontown Online functionality to Jukeboxes that would play a random song if there were no others in the queue.
  • Added a few props to the Prop Generator.
  • Added a new feature to Legit Mode that will automatically check a Toon's laff points upon login, and correct them to the proper value based on their progress in Toontasks, disguises, and activities.


  • Revamped the code behind the Jukeboxes in Toontown Central and the Toontown Outskirts.
  • Improved the look of the FPS Meter.
  • Fixed a tip that incorrectly stated only True Friends could see thought bubbles.
  • Updated positions of presents in Daisy Gardens that were previously difficult or impossible to reach.
  • Jukebox animations now adhere to the Smooth Animations config option.
  • Tweaked the amount of jellybeans granted by the present treasures.
  • Most NPC Toons that had their DNA change in Toontown Offline's conversion to Python 3 have had their original DNA restored.
  • Improved the MaxToon Magic Word so that it now properly fills out a Toon's toontask reward history and flower collection.
  • Improved the SetQuestTier Magic Word so that it corrects a Toon's stats based on how many Toontasks they would've completed up to that tier.
  • Disbaled some debug information that would clog up server log files.
  • Reverted Toontasks back to code, away from the quest.json system. This may return later down the line in an officially supported manner.
  • Tweaked the DNA of several Periscope NPC Toons.
  • Replaced the icons of most zones accessible in the Teleport Interface.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a long-standing bug from Toontown Online that would prevent Cogs from being knocked back correctly while lured and hit with a throw or squirt gag.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the cleanup of Boss Battles created with the Boss Party system. This would previously cause an issue where you could not use Magic Words that affect Boss Battles after participating in one through a Boss Party unless the server restarted.