Toontown Offline V1.0.3.9

Features, Tweaks, and Bug Fixes


  • Added an improved Magic Word logging system. This new system allows server hosters to toggle and view Magic Word logging in a consolidated fashion. By default, this feature is disabled, but can be enabled manually by editing server.json in the config folder of your Toontown Offline directory. Once enabled, the Magic Word logs will be generated in the logs/moderation/spellbook folder of your Toontown Offline directory.
  • Added a new Magic Word, GetMagicWordCount. This command allows you to see how many Magic Words have been used on a server since it was turned on.
  • Added a new Magic Word, CloneDNA. This command allows you to clone yourself into the appearance of the target Toon.
  • Added fog to the Toontown Outskirts zone during the Winter Holiday.


  • Tweaked report logs to now output to the logs/moderation/reports directory.
  • Tweaked the Toon Details Panel for moderators to now update a Toon's dynamic Zone ID.
  • Tweaked the amount of jellybeans granted by interacting with the presents that spawn during the Winter Holiday.
  • Removed a rouge treasure in the Toontown Outskirts.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a server crash related to prior Magic Word logging.
  • Fixed an issue where your camera would act weird if a Cog Building that you had previously defeated later got recaptured and then restored by the use of a Magic Word.
  • Possibly fixed a crash related to the No Torso Cheesy Effect.