Toontown Offline V2.4.0

The Elder Update

Explore the Executive Tower walkway!

  • Toons who have completed their Bossbot Suit can take part in a new toontask for Flippy! See a Toon HQ officer to get this special four point laff boost toontask. Flippy needs YOU to enter the now free-to-explore Executive Tower!
  • This new toontask introduced the new Executive Tower Walkway zone. Complete the new toontask to find out what you can encounter in this brand new area! Be sure to bring friends or prepare all your level 7 gags for this one.
  • Note, you may only encounter this experience once while your local game or mini-server is online. Reboot to replay!

Various Additions

  • Mini-servers now have an optional option to restrict the server using a password! Check the #frequently-asked-questions channel for a short tutorial on how to manually set this up as a server owner.
  • On mini-servers, there are now two new ways to use a Magic Word! The '~' key is the main character used to execute a Magic Word. Using one of these uses the command on yourself, using two will use a command on whoever you target, but the two new ways consist of three and four. Three uses of this key in front of a Magic Word will target everyone on the server, except your Toon. Four uses of this key in front of a Magic Word will target everyone on the server, including your Toon. Keep in mind that Commands will not be executed properly if someone has an equal or higher access level than you.
  • A new experimental command has been added. This command, ~spawnProp, will spawn a prop in the position your Toon is currently standing. This will not show for Toons who enter an area after you do it, and it will disappear for those who see it once they have left the area. For now, this command will only work in Playgrounds. More work will be done on this in the future!
  • The first CJ cutscene has been entirely redone, and features a new animation!
  • The VP and CFO are now more assertive.
  • You may now purchase the Swagta Claus decoration for a party.
  • The ~oboe command is, due to popular request, now server-sided.
  • Toonfest is still a work in progress, but now you can see Riggy Marole in the playground and talk to you!

Several Tweaks

  • Players who use Intel Graphics Cards will now have most buggy textures fixed! Big thanks to our friend Disyer for this long-awaited fix.
  • The setting.json file is now indented nice and clean, for users who like to customize their settings using it.
  • District population will now properly reflect the 16 player limit on mini-servers.
  • A special new hat has been added to the game. You may see Server Hosters or Toontown Offline Staff wearing it to express themselves!
  • A previous secret command to transform into your favorite Pink Skelecog has been altered.
  • Fix a long-standing district reset pertaining to the Grey Hat cog.
  • You can now go sad in toon interiors. Several other actions can now be done in a Cog HQ Lobby if out of a cog suit.
  • A multitude of party decorations that previously had no description have now been provided with one.
  • Patched security exploits.
  • General code cleanup.

Coming Soon

  • Later this week, patch 2.4.2 will introduce a brand new episode to Toontown Offline.
  • Optional password for making an account on a mini-server.
  • Brand new Toontown Offline installer and launcher.

Patch 2.4.1

  • Toonfest is now enabled as it should have been
  • Added a hidden cog disguise
  • Improve spawnProp magic word. By default, all props spawned using this command will be hidden! Manually edit this in your settings.json file under the 'view-props' option
  • Fix district reset related to classic fishing
  • Fix catalog crash
  • Fix issue with magic word page
  • Fix issue with database corruption; your database will reset again!

Patch 2.4.2

  • A brand new Episode has made it's way into Toontown Offline! Load up the Singleplayer version of Toontown Offline to play this episode, and finally explore the interior of those Cog Highrises in Cashbot Headquarters! This episode can be rather "short", however was made much more interactive and was made with several new models. Hopefully this polished episode is enjoyable to play!
  • The Toontown Offline Logo has had a revamp by brady!
  • Several new props have been added to the game for command use.
  • Fixed the Party Grid spacing for widescreen play of Toontown Offline.
  • Added experimental Custom Party Skyboxes for Toon Parties.
  • Added proper decoration icons for the Toon Hall, Bank, and Swagta Claus party decorations.
  • A multitude of security enhancements have been made for more enjoyable play on mini-servers. Thank you nosyliam for your help with these!
  • Previously staff-only commands are now public! Try these three cog index commands for yourself:
    ~setCogIndex 3 2 pizzathepia ~setCogIndex 3 4 stormishissecretlystomedyboyOoOs
    ~setCogIndex 3 2 stormishisskelemoucheBABEoKys
  • The Executive Office Walkway statues have recieved a slight polish.
  • Removed duplicate Party Planners in Daisy's Gardens.
  • Fixed a district reset relating to choosing a gag in the Squirting Flower episode.
  • Fixed several other district reset exploits.
  • A Doctor Surlee cutout cheesy effect has been added.

Patch 2.4.3

  • Surprise! Yet another brand new episode has made it's way to Toontown Offline! This mini-episode is one of a three-part story explaining the truth behind Doctor Surlee... if you can address him as such still. This episode is very short, but important to the Toontown Offline storyline. Please await the other two parts to this story that will be coming soon!
  • Fixed a game crash caused by Retro Mode.
  • Fixed the Bossbot Headquarters sky in Parties.
  • Fixed wearing a Swag Foreman disguise in the Executive Office Walkway.
  • Fixed a rare district reset relating to episodes.

Patch 2.4.4

  • Part 2 of the Gyro's Story episode series has been released! Go play the existing episode once you update to play both parts of this storyline-intensive episode! You WILL want to check out this episode if you didn't before!
  • Added a multitude of unique "Brush-Off Phrases" for when you walk into, but do not battle certain Cogs.
  • Added specifications for a starting frame, ending frame, and ligament in which the commands ~loop and ~cogLoop will act on.
  • Added the ~cogPose and ~cogPingPong commands.
  • Added several new unique Cogs for ~green and ~setCogIndex use. These new Cogs may be available to developers only, but are not to be taken seriously.
  • Fix several crashes and issues with the Prologue and Squirting Flower episodes.
  • Additional behind the scenes episode cleanup.
  • Update the version of Panda3D Toontown Offline uses to prevent random memory crashes.
  • Improvement to the Swag Foreman and Stormish Cogs.
  • Removed shadows on Virtual Skelecogs.
  • Remove street signs from the Old Daisy's Gardens Oak Street.
  • The ~instaKill command now only applies to the invoker, not the entire mini-server. This means server moderators can now toggle this on users as well.
  • Fix issues with a couple Suit A animations, including the random disappearance of these Cogs upon death.
  • Improved cheat detection and prevention for Toons fighting the Big Cheese in the Executive Office Walkway.
  • Added a special new prop for a dedicated miniserver hoster of ours.
  • Fix a district reset reguarding the Halloween Cog during Halloween.
  • Fix a district reset related to a toon-up function.
  • Invasion holidays now function how they're supposed to.
  • The Executive Office Walkway doors now unlock once the battle inside has completed.
  • Slightly tweak the construction site in Goofy's Speedway.
  • Gyro's Lab has been removed from the West Wing... Don't consider it to have ever been there in the first place.
  • Tweak the storyline through important dialogue in the Short Work episode.
  • Possible fix for the toontorial not skipping when it should. PLEASE let us know if this happens again! NOTE: It seems like this is still not fixed sadly. It will be a priority to get it fixed properly soon!*
  • Higher resolution joke texture has been added to Field Offices.
  • Security Patches.