Toontown Offline V2.3.0

Cogtown Origins Fools Update

Welcome to Cogtown Origins!

  • Welcome to Cogtown Origins, where Cogs run wild with business-like imagination! Have moderate fun with all your co-worker pals throughout Cog Town as you fight the evil Toon menace! Be careful not to get destroyed, or you may turn into a Toon! Coggy Labs has come up with a safety precaution and added function health meters to all Cogs in Cogtown Origins! Note: You may only access Cogtown Origins on March 32nd!
  • Check out all of Cogtown for epic new Music and slight changes!
  • The Prologue episode has some unique changes for Cogtown Origins. Take a look!
  • Toon Headquarters may sometimes offer leaks.
  • A Toon disguised as a Cog will now have a functional Health Meter.
  • A new and familiar face has appeared in Toontown Central. I wonder what they think about Cogtown Origins?
  • All of the Cog Bosses have become loose! The CJ remains very firm, however.

General Updates

  • Replay the Election for a small, but very key storyline change.
  • Music from Halloween, the Terrifying Two, and the Moneybin Interior have all been remastered.
  • An episode was revealed on the 'Episodes' tab, but is still not yet ready for play.
  • ALL Magic Words are now disabled in Episodes.
  • Small changes to Prologue easter egg Toons, plus an additional easter egg in the Prologue.
  • You can now summon The Molder, Stormish, and Scrapped Chairman with the ~green command.
  • The ~kick Magic Word can now be used to destroy Cogs on the spot.
  • Flippy's Duck Hunt cutscene has now been removed.
  • Added frameblending to goons and Cog Bosses.
  • Added Magic Cat cheesy effect.
  • Temporarily removed the retro 1st floor of a Cog Building in Retro Mode.
  • Added new ~disableGoons command.
  • Mini-servers can now enable or disable a whitelist on their server!
  • Mini-servers can now hold 16 players!
  • Add back a removed Big Cheese phrase.
  • Add a new song for the April Toons Week title theme.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed several game crashes and district resets.
  • Overkilling a V2.0 cog will no longer crash everybody who is in the zone.
  • Various fixes made to Toon Parties.
  • Various fixes made to Lawbot Field Offices.
  • Improve episode handling.
  • Improve former holiday code.
  • Fixed Make-A-Toon for April Toons week.
  • In addition, whispering and True Friends were fixed, and a chat blacklist and whitelist can be enabled on your miniserver.