Toontown Offline V1.0.2.4

Features and Tweaks


  • Added several new props to the Prop Generator.
  • Added a new "Hide and Seek" based Micro-Game. This will begin a server-wide game of Hide and Seek. When Hide and Seek is active, all Toons must hide from the seeker, the invoker of the Micro-Game. All hiders are given a short time to hide before the seeker can find them. You can specify the amount of time for both the hiding and seeking phases, ranging from 60 to 300 seconds for hiding as well as seeking.
  • Added a new "Cogtown Central" zone. You can teleport here via the Teleport Interface on the Magic Menu or via the shorthand "ctc".


  • Pie Blitz pie amount is now tied to the timer. This will make it harder to run out of pies in longer time limits.
  • Certain magic words are now blocked from being used in Micro-Games.
  • Changed how hiding nametags work to be much less buggy & more consistent.
  • Changed the music in the outskirts Tutorial Terrace to the Toontown Central SZ music.
  • Tweaked something related to Jukebox localization.