Toontown Offline V1.0.2.3

Features, Tweaks, and Bug Fixes


  • Added several new props to the Prop Generator.
  • Added a new "Wide Toon" Cheesy Effect.
  • Added a new Magic Word, "GetNumFrames". This Magic Word tells you how many frames are in the specified animation for the current character you are transformed into. If no arguments are provided, it will attempt to get the amount of frames in your currently playing animation. Note that this does not work for some animations while transformed into something besides your own Toon.
  • Added a new bonus to achieving a maxed Level 12 Big Wig in the Courtroom Catastrophe Mini-Game. This bonus will allow the Big Wig to stun any Toons he targets for twice as long as normal.
  • Added a couple new aliases to gardening-related Magic Words.


  • Classic Character transformations now blink.
  • Classic Characters in Beta Playgrounds will now act more consistent during holidays.
  • The evidence Toons throw into the pan in the Courtroom Catastrophe Mini-Game now count for x3 as much as before.
  • The Grey Hat Cog is now larger, both in appearance, level, and stats.
  • The Loan Shark Cog now allows for jumping animations to be played if transformed into him.
  • Mickey now allows for two new animations to be played if transformed into him, "right" and "left".

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with mass-targeted Magic Words sometimes not working on certain Toons.
  • Fixed a crash related to gardening.
  • Fixed a crash related to holidays that enable special Speedchat menus.