Toontown Offline V1.0.2.0

Beta Playgrounds Updates, Courtroom Catastrophe, Tweaks, Bug Fixes, and More


  • All six Beta Playgrounds have been completed! Each of of these areas is intended to resemble the playgrounds found in Toontown Offline as of February 2002.
  • Added Beta The Brrrgh. Some assets in this Beta Playground were retrieved from the recent "Spotify" leak of legacy Toontown Online assets. Original functionality to the Igloo was also restored- going in and out of it will disable and enable the snowfall respectively.
  • Added Beta Donald's Dock. This is currently the most inaccurate Beta Playground out of all our recreations. Expect updates to this in the far future.
  • Beta Toontown Central has been redone from the ground-up! The entire model and building DNA is brand new, and we firmly believe this is the most accurate recreation of this playground ever made. Huge thanks to Smokin' Foreman for contributing a new 3D asset that made this possible! Some assets in this Beta Playground were retrieved from the recent "Spotify" leak of legacy Toontown Online assets.
  • Beta Daisy Gardens has had some major improvements. The big tree where the Toon HQ normally stands has been replaced with a gazebo model found in the "Spotify" leak. We do not believe this is entirely accurate to the original Beta Daisy Gardens, so it may be removed in the future. Some other assets in this Beta Playground were retrieved from the recent "Spotify" leak of legacy Toontown Online assets.
  • Beta Minnie's Melodyland has had some minor improvements. The ground texture was changed to the original found in the "Spotify" leak, and some wall collisions were polished.
  • Beta Donald's Dreamland has had some minor improvements. The ground texture was changed to the original found in the "Spotify" leak.
  • All Beta Playgrounds have had their tunnels changed to the longer Beta variants, found in the "Spotify" leak.

Boss Parties & Courtroom Catastrophe

  • Added the Boss Party system. This new feature allows Mini-Server moderators to easily organize groups of Toons to take on Boss Battles. It also allows for us to expand on new content in the future by adding brand new instances similar to Boss Battles, such as an easy mode or hard mode variant of Bosses. We have added one new Boss Instance to kick off the capabilities we have with the new system, of which will be discussed below. Server moderators can create a Boss Party by using the respective Magic Word. Check the Spellbook page of the Shticker Book to find out how to use this command.
  • Added Courtroom Catastrophe. This new Mini-Game is a brand new take on the final round of the C.J. Boss Battle. Toons will duke it out in an 8v8 game where each team aims to balance the pan in their favor first. New mechanics have been introduced, such as each team being given Cog Lawyers to throw evidence in your favor. These lawyers can be upgraded, and have their targets changed at your will. Have fun with this new Mini-Game!

Misc. Features

  • Added the Magic Menu. This is a new interface intended to replace the several new hotkeys that have accumulated with new features. As we continue to add various new content, we will eventually run out of new hotkeys to use. The intent of the Magic Menu is to combine access to many features into a single hotkey. Windows and Linux users can open the Magic Menu with the Insert key, while macOS users can use the Option key. The menu can also be opened with the "MagicMenu" Magic Word.
  • Added more Toon Species Election phrases to the speedchat menu while the toon species election holiday is active.
  • Added a few more advanced descriptions for existing Magic Words.
  • Added a new Magic Word, "TransformStreetProp". This Magic Word allows you to transform into various different street props found around Toontown!
  • Added a new prop to the Prop Generator.
  • Added a new game setting called "PNG Screenshots". Right now, this setting can only be enabled by manually editing the "settings.json" file. This will make all screenshots taken export out as PNG files.
  • Added a new Easter Egg to The Fun House in Toontown Outskirts.
  • Added a notice on the Control Settings that warns the player if a hotkey is bound to an "unknown" key.
  • Added a few new loading screens.


  • Changed the splash sfx that plays during a cutscene in the Cog High Rise Bathroom in the Short Work episode.
  • Added upon the "SetBackgroundColor" Magic word to make use of the new "PNG Screenshots" feature. You may now specify an alpha value of the background color you set.
  • Renamed "The Plains" zone to "Toontown Fields".
  • Improved the Teleport Interface. Zone names now specify whether they are beta variants, and zone names are now displayed above the zone preview.
  • Switched the primary and secondary Shticker Book hotkeys.
  • Improved the compression for the game executable.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a district reset when sometimes creating a new Toon.
  • Fixed a district reset when an account attempts to log in with an Access Level of -100.
  • Fixed a crash when trying to enter a race with a Cog Transformation active.
  • Fixed a crash related to golf clubs when playing Mini-Golf. This may result in the golf club placement looking strange when it otherwise would've crashed.
  • Fixed a crash when going back to the Pick-A-Toon.
  • Fixed a crash when trying to load into the Party Planning Grounds while the Halloween holidays are active.
  • Fixed a crash while teleporting in a cog disguise.
  • Fixed a crash related to the Catalog.
  • Fixed a crash when teleporting to a friend in Toontown Fields.
  • Fixed a crash when trying to play a certain Trolley Game from Beta Donald's Dreamland.
  • Fixed a couple crashes related to using the "SkipMovie" Magic Word when luring in Cogs to a few trap gags.
  • Fixed a softlock when loading into an Estate with a Doodle already on a leash.
  • Fixed an issue that would stop smooth animations mode from applying to a Toon's legs after having changed them with a Magic Word.
  • Fixed an issue where the game would sometimes lock up when attempting to download the street sign texture.
  • Fixed an issue with the Slingshot Trolley Game that would output a lot of audio-related issues in the log file.
  • Fixed an issue with shadows not appearing under Fisherman NPC Toons.
  • Fixed an issue with being unable to open the Shticker Book after having been locked.
  • Fixed an issue with all Mega Invasions being Virtual Cogs.
  • Fixed an issue where Beta Playgrounds would be negatively impacted by the use of some holidays.
  • Fixed some glitchiness with the Party Planning Grid.
  • Various bugs and issues have been fixed with the Toontown Central Fountain Easter Egg.
  • Implemented improved NPC cleanup in the Short Work Episode.