Toontown Offline V1.0.0.0

These are the release notes comparing Toontown Online v1.0.47.38 and Toontown Offline v1.0.0.0.

Offline Mode

  • Offline Mode is the default way to play Toontown Offline. The game can be played by yourself, whether you have an internet connection or not.
  • Accounts in Toontown Offline work quite differently than in Toontown Online. Rather than accounts being associated with a username and password, they’re now created using only a username. Each time you log into the game with a different username, it will automatically create a new account. Be sure to remember the username of any alternate accounts you make, or else you won’t be able to access them!
  • You can play on several accounts at once when playing Offline Mode. To do so, launch your first account in Offline Mode. Any following accounts should be launched in Mini-Server mode with the game server as “localhost”.

Mini-Server Mode

  • Mini-Server Mode allows you to play Toontown Offline with up to 15 other Toons. You can either host your own server, or join someone else’s.
  • There are two different ways you can host a Mini-Server. To run a dedicated server, simply run “start_server.bat” in your game’s installation directory. The server run independently of your game so that it will be up regardless of whether you’re currently playing. You can run a non-dedicated server by playing in Offline Mode and going to the “Servers'' page of your Shtikerbook. From there, you can click a button that changes your game to Mini-Server mode. This method of hosting a server is dependent on your game being open. When you close out, your server will close with it.
  • When hosting a Mini-Server of any type, you need to portforward to make it available for other players to join. You can look up how to portforward with your router and internet provider on Google. However, others on your network in real-life can join your server without the need for portforwarding- aka LAN play.

Custom Settings

  • Offline Mode and Mini-Server Mode both have several different settings you can enable to customize your playing experience. The following config options can be found and changed through the “server.json” file in the config folder of your Toontown Offline installation.
  • “Server Password” is a setting where you can specify a password players are required to enter before they join your Mini-Server. This is a hassle-free way to limit your server to only people you trust.
  • “Whitelisted Usernames” is a setting where you can specify what usernames are allowed to join your Mini-Server. This is a better way of securing your server than server passwords, but requires more manual input due to having to update the setting each time you wish to whitelist someone.
  • “Default Access Level” is a setting that sets the default access level of new users. What this means for your server will be explained further down in these update notes, under the “Magic Words Spellbook” section.
  • “District Name” and “District Description” are visual settings that simply allow you to name your server and write a short description about it. Players can see this information from the Pick-A-Toon screen, or in the “Servers” page of the Shtikerbook.
  • “Legit Mode” is a setting that disables various new features in Toontown Offline that enable non-legitimate play.
  • “Chat Whitelist” is a setting that toggles the chat filter. When disabled, Toons in a Mini-Server will be able to say whatever they want.
  • “Default Zone” is a setting that changes the location new Toons arrive in. Typically this zone is Toontown Central, but you can change it to any Playground or Cog Headquarters you want.
  • “Default Max Toon” is a setting that automatically maxes out new Toons when enabled. Maxing out a Toon includes completing all the toontasks, cog suits, side activities, and more.
  • “Exp Multiplier”, “Merit Multiplier”, and “Doodle Multiplier” are settings that change how much additional experience you gain in regards to gags, merits, and doodle training respectively.

The Magic Words Spellbook

  • In Toontown Online, the developers and moderators were able to execute commands in-game that would change their play experience and help with debugging the game. These commands were internally referred to as “Magic Words.” After Toontown Online shut down, various Toontown projects have made their own Magic Word systems and have added new commands to their game. Toontown Offline has completely overhauled the Magic Word system from the ground up, and we are excited to tell you all about it.
  • We have over 160 words and counting for you to use. Read ahead to see how the Magic Word system works.
  • Each account has a new attribute called “Access Level.” Think of your Access Level like an account-based rank. Similar to sandbox games such as Minecraft, a Toon’s access level is equivalent to member and administrator ranks. Your account’s Access Level dictates what Magic Words you are allowed to use, and who you can use them on. You are able to use Magic Words on both your Toon and other Toons. For both Offline and Mini-Server modes, the first account to log in on a fresh copy of the game will automatically be given the “Server Owner” Access Level. Any following accounts will be given the “User” Access Level by default. Server hosters can change the default Access Level in their server settings. They can also change the Access Level of specific Toons via another Magic Word. You can find out your account’s Access Level through the “Spellbook” page in your Shtikerbook.
  • A list of all the Magic Words can also be found in the “Spellbook” page. You can view info about each word using this page, including a description of what it does, an example of how to use it, the Access Level required to use it, and any aliases you can use to execute it.
  • In order to use Magic Words, you activate them by using Speedchat+. Similar to how you send thought bubbles by prefacing messages with a period, you use a Magic Word by prefacing your message with the Magic Word activator. The default activator is “~”, however it can be changed through the “Spellbook” page. For example, if you wanted to execute a Magic Word, you would type “~word” into the chat. You will know you are using a Magic Word if the text in the chat box turns purple.
  • The amount of activators you use and an activator suffix can change the target of your Magic Word. Using one activator targets yourself, using two targets the Toon you currently have selected, and using three targets both yourself and the other Toon. Adding the suffix “zone” directly after your activator will target everyone in your zone. The “server” suffix targets everyone on the Mini-Server. Finally, the “rank” suffix followed by an Access Level’s corresponding rank value will target everyone on the server with that Access Level. These activator suffixes can go hand-in-hand with the amount of activators you use. For example, using “~~~zoneword” would target everyone in the zone, including yourself. On the other hand, using “~~zoneword” would target everyone in the zone except you. Regardless of your suffix, a single activator symbol will only target you no matter what. If you wanted to set everyone’s laff on a Mini-Server to 137, you would type something like, “~~~serverhp 137”. Remember, your Magic Word will not affect others who have an equal or higher Access Level than your own. Otherwise, there are only a few Magic Words that limit who you can and cannot target.
  • The mumbo-jumbo that goes after the name of a Magic Word are called “arguments.” Arguments are values that you add in order to tell a Magic Word what you want to do. Many Magic Words in Toontown Offline have arguments. For example, a command that changes the laff of a Toon will have you specify the amount of laff you want to set. That value is an argument. If you wanted to make yourself 100 laff points, you would type in something like, “~hp 100”.


  • Added two new easter eggs to Toontown Central. These easter eggs are both activated by using Speedchat in different ways. They are disabled in Legit Mode.
  • Added a new Toontown Central themed area called the Toontown Outskirts. This area is intended to bridge the gap between the Toontorial and Toontown Central. It has several easter eggs to be discovered in it. It can be visited through the teleport Magic Word, teleport interface, or via one of the new easter eggs in Toontown Central.
  • Added Tutorial Terrace as a static zone. This means you can visit it at any time outside of the tutorial. It is accessible through the teleport Magic Word, teleport interface, or via a tunnel in the Toontown Outskirts.
  • Added three new “Beta” playgrounds. These areas are accessible through the teleport Magic Word, teleport interface, or via tunnels in the Toontown Outskirts. These playgrounds include Beta Toontown Central, Daisy Gardens, and Minnie’s Melodyland. They are meant to resemble their original variants as seen in 2002 Toontown Online, but are not 100% accurate to them.
  • Added a blank canvas area called The Plains. This is a large area with a grass floor intended for making creations with other features and for messing around with Magic Words.
  • Added Jesse Schell’s “Flower of Doom” to the center of Daisy Gardens. Gather 15 other Toons to the flower in the middle to activate this easter egg. This is disabled in Legit Mode.
  • Added a new Toon building in Alto Avenue, Minnie’s Melodyland named The Kongdominium. This is a tribute building to well-known community member, Kong.

Cog Headquarters

  • Bossbot Headquarters has received an update. The hub area is slightly larger, and is host to two new obstacles; An oil river deals damage to any Toons who walk into it and moles will pop out of the ground from time to time.
  • In Sellbot Headquarters, you can now see large structures from other zones. From the Sellbot HQ hub, you can see the Sellbot Factory off in the distance. From the Sellbot Factory boarding zone, you can see Sellbot Towers off in the distance.


  • The three main holidays- Halloween, Winter, and April fools- have all received many additions.
  • For each of these holidays, the title and pick-a-toon screens will have their own unique appearances and theme songs.
  • During Winter, presents will now spawn in each playground and award progressively more and more jellybeans as it gets closer to Christmas. The sky also gets a bit darker in a couple playgrounds.
  • During Halloween, animated pumpkins patrol the playgrounds looking to frighten all Toons in sight. Everywhere in town becomes much darker as the skies turn purple and devious, but Toontown Central in particular has a couple of additional changes. The Cogs even open up a new golf course of their own called the Terrifying Two, a brand new course for the golf side activity.
  • During April Fools, all of the Toons turn into Cogs, whilst the Cogs have come up with a joke of their own. The Entire Eighteen cog golf course is enabled for this day only, as the one thing Cogs will gladly laugh at is a Toon’s ability to waste their own time.

Restored Toontown Online Features

  • Added classic fishing. This type of fishing was the original system in Toontown Online that was created in 2003, but was scrapped for the one we have today. You can access classic fishing through two new docks in Toontown Central. This feature is disabled in Legit Mode.
  • Added Lawbot Field Offices. These were nearly completed features that never saw the light of day in Toontown Online.
  • Added new Toon houses. These were planned to be released in conjunction with Field Offices and their Sprocket rewards. You can purchase these new houses in the Cattlelog with Sprockets.
  • Added Insta-Grow Fertilizer. This gardening item is a scrapped Toontown Online feature that instantly grows all of your Toon’s watered flowers. You can find this in the Cattlelog for 7,500 jellybeans.
  • Added classic visuals. This is a new game option that toggles various visual changes such as the original Make-A-Toon screen. This setting is currently experimental and unfinished. It’s due to receive more updates in the future.
  • Added the removed “Photo Fun” trolley game from Toontown Online.
  • Added the Trolley Tracks event from Toontown Online.
  • Added game tables. These were on the Toontown Online Test Server for a short while and never made it to the live game. Alongside adding these back, we have added a tutorial for the “Find Four” game.

Misc. Features

  • Added a new system called the Prop Generator. The Prop Generator allows you to place and edit a large selection of props throughout Toontown. This system is a very extensive, hands-on set of tools that allows you to customize your environment and make some amazing creations. You can do anything from placing Cog Nation crates in Toontown Central, adding the Trolley to Sellbot HQ, or you can even create your own pixel art. To begin using this feature in-game, press the “F11” key.
  • Added two new ways to mod Toontown- custom Toon colors and custom SOS cards. Mini-Server hosters can customize their servers by adding new colors and SOS cards to the game through two new files in your Toontown Offline installation.
  • Added resource packs. Resource packs are a way to apply custom textures and music to your Toontown Offline game.
  • Added an “Extra Options” tab to the “Options” page of the Shtikerbook. In this page are several new options you can change to improve your gameplay experience.
  • Added custom controls. You can now remap nearly every control in the game through the custom controls menu. Access this interface through the “Extra Options” tab in the “Options” page of your Shtikerbook.
  • Added text-to-speech to the chat system. To configure it, look in the “Extra Options” tab in the “Options” page of your Shtickerbook. When enabled, all messages sent by Toons, Cogs, or Disney characters will be spoken using text-to-speech.
  • Added a Chat Log to the main interface. The Chat Log can be opened by pressing the “enter” key, and can be dragged around your entire screen. The open status, scale, and position of the Chat Log automatically saves between play sessions.
  • Added a Global Chat feature in conjunction with the Chat Log. Press the new globe icon on the Speedchat+ interface in order to send a message using Global Chat. All Global Chat messages can be viewed through the corresponding tab on the Chat Log.
  • Added the ability to pull out your kart almost anywhere in Toontown. Press the “insert” key to start riding today!
  • Added tank mode. Tank mode is an extension of the first-person camera view that allows you to move around your camera using the mouse. To enter this mode, press the “shift” and “tab” keys at the same time.
  • Added a new “Server” page tab to replace the old “Districts” page. The Server page allows you to view information about the server you are currently connected to. You can also connect to other Mini-Servers, enter Offline Mode, or change accounts through this page.
  • Added nude Toons. Nude Toons used to be a feature you would see in the old Toontown Online Make-A-Toon, but you can now make your Toon nude normally through the use of Magic Words.
  • Added a new “Toon-Down” unite obtainable with the use of Magic Words. Only Mini-Server moderators and above can affect other Toons with these unites.
  • Added a visual and audio effect when taking a screenshot.
  • Added new music that plays in Toon Estates.
  • Added new music for Cog battles in each playground.
  • Added the exclaim bubble effect. To use this, preface your Speedchat+ messages with an exclamation point like you would preface it with a period for a whisper.
  • Added the ability to send thought and exclaim messages in Speedchat. Middle-click a Speedchat phrase to send it in a thought bubble, and right click to send it in an exclaim bubble.
  • Added various new shirts obtainable with the use of Magic Words or the clothing tabs in the “Spellbook” page of the Shtikerbook.
  • Added interpolated animations. This new gameplay option makes everything animated in Toontown look much smoother.
  • Added software mode. This is a special mode where the game will render using it’s own software renderer instead of using hardware calls to render the game. It is useful if you don’t have a graphics card in your computer. Having software mode enabled may cause graphical differences and slowdowns that would otherwise not occur on hardware mode.
  • Added a new “Toon Head” gardening item obtainable with the use of Magic Words.
  • Added a new Toon color, rainbow. This color is only accessible through the use of Magic Words.
  • Added free-cam mode. You can enter this by pressing the “F4” key.
  • Added Cog-Disguise versatility. You now have much more freedom when you put on your cog disguise. Jump around, open your Shtickerbook, or even fly to other playgrounds while in your disguise.
  • Added an “Info” button on the Pick-A-Toon screen that allows you to see the name, description, and uptime of the Mini-Server you are connected to.
  • Added a couple new phrases to the Speedchat menu.
  • Added two new tabs to the friends list- “All Toons in Zone” and “All Toons in Server”. These tabs allow you to see who is nearby, and online your current Mini-Server.
  • Added the ability to toggle the visibility of the HUD. You can do this by pressing the “F3” key.
  • Added the ability to toggle the visibility of nametags. You can do this by pressing the “F2” key.
  • Added a new secret room to the Toon Hall.
  • Added a few new easter egg Cogs that can be spawned through the use of Magic Words.
  • Added a new decoration to Toon Parties, the Party Skybox. These decorations can change the appearance of the sky for your Party.
  • Added a new Party item, the 60-Song Jukebox. This jukebox has many new songs added in this update.


  • Rebranded many instances of Disney’s Toontown Online to Toontown Offline.
  • Racing physics have been slightly tweaked.
  • NPC Toons are now able to wear accessories.
  • You may now use jellybeans in addition to clothing tickets at clothing shops.
  • Improve the clothing selection screen for clothing shops and Make-A-Toon.
  • Slightly improve the visuals of the fountain in Toontown Central. You may now walk out of the fountain without the need to jump.
  • Names are now automatically accepted in the Make-A-Toon.
  • Revamped the introduction cutscene for the Chief Justice battle.
  • You can now see your cog disguise and merit progress on the “Gags” page of your Shtikerbook.
  • Added a new Toontask after completing your Bossbot Suit Part tasks. This new task bridges the gap between Toontown Online and the upcoming Seek Out Scrooge update.
  • Tweaked the battle interface to add cog portraits.
  • Slightly changed pie-throwing mechanics.
  • Sellbot Field Offices now have an additional floor, the barrel room. This is to make the Sellbot and Lawbot Field Offices consistent with one another. In addition, the SOS Card reward from Sellbot Field Offices have been replaced with the sprocket reward to align with what Disney had originally intended for Field Offices.
  • Replaced the old Toontown Online map with a brand new, modernized map that makes a lot more sense both overall, and in the context of Toontown Offline in particular.
  • Revamped the title screen and loading screen visuals.
  • Changed the way toontasks and fireworks are loaded into the game. This allows for customization of these two features. Any issues caused by customization of these two features is currently unsupported, as this feature is experimental.
  • Shortened elevator timers when you are in Offline Mode.
  • Increased the friends list cap to 250 friends.
  • Improved the visual effect seen from getting jellybeans from a jellybean unite.
  • Removed a lot of code that relates to memberships.
  • All Boss Cogs now have nametags.
  • Clarabelle now has a backdrop when you call her.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed golfing in the C.E.O. boss battle.
  • Fixed various other small bugs found in Toontown Online.