Toontown Offline V2.5.7

The Offline Update


  • Added a new boat-based Cog that may show up sometime.
  • Chat channels no longer use prefixes. If you're in the main user channel (~chatmode 0), you chat in white. In the mod channel (~chatmode 1, 400+), you chat using your Speedchat color, and in the admin channel (~chatmode 2, 500+), you chat in black.
  • Slightly edited some Magic Word descriptions (~tp, ~maxToon, ~setHp, ~setMaxHp, ~pinkslips, ~dna, ~setSpeed, ~green, ~growTrees, ~pickTrees)
  • Astron has been updated.
  • Panda3D has been updated, which fixes several engine-based bugs and crashes, including one caused by leaving Toon HQ.
  • Fixed a crash involving the pie in Toon Battle races.
  • Fixed a crash which involved using the Cog font as your Toon's nametag.
  • Fixed a problem with Nametag scaling/FOV when leaving the Smokestacks.
  • Fixed an issue relating to ~setCogIndex.