Toontown Offline V1.0.1.0

Playground Improvements, Tweaks, Bug Fixes, and More


  • Added a brand new area to Acorn Acres: Chip 'N Dale's Campsite! You can access this new area through the secret tunnel in Acorn Acres, through the the teleport Magic Word, or though the teleport GUI. You can do a few things in the Campsite. Have a relaxing fishing session, play table games with friends, or even train Doodles together! Inspired by recently released Toontown Design Documents, Chip 'N Dale's Campsite is host to a brand new feature- the Doodle Park. Similar to Toon Estates, entering the Campsite will bring your Doodle along with you to show off to your friends, or train! We hope you enjoy this quaint new area. Big thanks to Smokin' Foreman for contributing the model for this zone.
  • The Toontown Outskirts has gotten a Toon-Up! All of the building exteriors have gotten small improvements to improve their general appearance. The back part of the Outskirts has now been reduced, making it less confusing and more streamlined. Tunnels to Beta Toontown Central and Beta Daisy Gardens have been removed. You can still access these playgrounds through the teleport Magic Word, teleport GUI, or a new method explained further into these release notes. Finally, a Trolley has been added to the Outskirts. The games found in this Trolley are the most difficult ones in Toontown yet.
  • Beta Toontown Central now has a tunnel leading to Donald's Dock instead of the Toontown Outskirts. As of now, this tunnel is off-limits.
  • Beta Daisy Gardens has gotten several facelifts. The tunnel to the Toontown Outskirts has been removed, and the one to Gyro's Laboratory has been improved. Various other small improvements have been made to the playground. Finally, Goofy now has correct dialog when talking to Toons.
  • Beta Donald's Dreamland has been added! Experience Donald's Dreamland close to how it was in the early days of Toontown.
  • We are always looking to make improvements to the Beta Playgrounds. Even still, we don't consider any of them to be completely finished. As we continue to release new updates, we plan on taking a close look at existing Beta Playgrounds to make them closer to what they were originally like before 2003. We also plan on adding Beta Donald's Dock and Beta Brrrgh in the future.

Misc. Features

  • Improved game security.
  • Improved the game's deployment process. This should make it very easy to release smaller updates at a much faster pace if necessary.
  • Added a new Magic Word, "GoHome". This Magic Word will teleport you to your estate upon use.
  • Added a new Magic Word, "RandomName". This Magic Word will randomize the name of the target's Toon.
  • Added a new experimental Magic Word, "TogglePetLeash". This Magic word toggles unused doodle functionality Disney left over when adding Doodles.
  • Added Pinkslip Trees. You can plant a Pinkslip Tree the same way you'd plant a gag tree, but with a pinkslip instead! Nurture your tree for a few weeks to grow your very own pinkslips. This feature is not available in Legit Mode.
  • Added dialog boxes that pop up when clicking on an unreleased area on the Toontown Map.
  • Added the Bike Horn prop to the Prop Generator.


  • Tweaked a few descriptions and Magic Minnie comments among a few Magic Words.
  • Tweaked the "RequestGame" Magic Word so that it defaults the difficulty of the requested game to the current playground you are in. Currently, this Magic Word cannot properly detect your playground while you are riding on the Trolley. This will be fixed in a future update.
  • Tweaked the "Meet Here" Easter Egg. Rather than saying location phrases to be teleported to that specific playground, phrases will now teleport you to the Beta variant of said playground.
  • Tweaked the "SetPlayRate" Magic Word. There are now limits on the range you can set.
  • Tweaked loading screens so that the randomized screenshots shown to you are better randomized.
  • Tweaked global chat messages so that they are logged for moderation purposes.
  • Tweaked the Diving Trolley Game so that you can see the bottom properly on 16:9 aspect ratios.
  • Improved the Ban Manager.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the default game background, known as the grey, would stay green after visiting an Estate once during a play session.
  • Fixed an issue causing a Toon's pie collision to be shown in the Cog Thief trolley game.
  • Fixed an issue preventing Toons from being able to see each other throw pies in the Cog-O-War party game.
  • Fixed several issues and inconsistencies related to Trolley Games in Beta Playgrounds.
  • Fixed a district reset when earning too many merits in a single Cog battle.
  • Fixed the size of the railroad gag in battle.
  • Fixed a crash related to joining the Party Catching Game while transformed into something.
  • Fixed animated props in the Prop Generator not animating properly.