Toontown Offline V2.5.6

The Offline Update

Several Server Changes and Other Fixes

  • Server Hosters can now change the default access level given to users in server.json. (NOTE: We are not responsible for any catastrophes that might occur with high access servers.)
  • ~setTaskCarry. Changes the number of Toontasks that you can carry.
  • ~alwaysHitCogs. Toon attacks will never miss if enabled.
  • New secret Cog Index for a cool artist ;)
  • Fixed a "memory leak" crash that prevented players from leaving ToonFest.
  • Fixed a Smokestacks crash. (or "Final Battle with Swag Foreman crash" in some circles)
  • Fixed more fireworks issues.
  • Fixed an issue with Gyro's Tale.
  • ~trolley can now be performed by normal players.
  • Changed the description of the green command slightly.
  • Fixed an issue with the Username field on the Mini-Server Shtickerbook page.
  • Changed a couple of textures on the Forgotten Lab (thanks to a former team member!)
  • Removed logging from Cog planners due to Cog spawning being fixed in v2.5.4.