Toontown Offline V1.0.0.9

Features, Tweaks, and Bug Fixes


  • Improved the two micro-game Magic Words, "PieBlitz" and "StinkFest". These improvements include informing a Toon just logging on that there is a game going on, displaying a timer on-screen to indicate the remaining time left, and various other miscellaneous changes.
  • Added back moving cannon clouds from Toontown Online. This takes affect in both Toon Estates and Toon Parties.
  • Added a new Magic Word called "GetCurrentHolidays". This Magic Word will respond with a list of all the holiday ids that are currently running.


  • Reworked the "server.json" file. Several different fields have been removed in order to avoid confusion. In addition, the "ai" and "uberdog" categories have been merged into one to also avoid confusion. It is recommended that everyone who has played the game before this update, especially Mini-Server hosters, delete this file before next playing the game. It will be alright if you don't, but doing so will avoid confusion if you wish to edit it in the future. The file can be found in your Toontown Offline directory inside of the "config" folder.
  • Added restrictions the "expMultiplier", "expCap", "meritMultiplier", and "doodleMultiplier" settings. Multipliers can no longer go above 100, while the gag exp cap can no longer go above 10,000.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a district reset related to Cog Invasions.
  • Fixed a district reset related to obtaining more than 32,767 merits in a single fight or Cog Facility.
  • Fixed an issue where props that can animate would not abide by hard-coded starting scales when spawned by the Prop Generator.
  • Possibly fixed a rare district reset related to a trolley game trying to start with no Toons on the trolley.
  • Possibly fixed a long-standing issue in which a server process would fail to close upon the game closing unexpectedly.