Toontown Offline V2.5.3

The Offline Update

Additions and Fixes

  • Anime Chairman Cheesy Effect (~setCE 25). You can change her expression with the ~setEyes command.
  • Cog footsteps now play when in a Cog Disguise.
  • You can now change your species to Riggy. ~dna species riggy
  • Riggy's can now wear head accessories.
  • ~playSound command, which can play any sound in the game, including music.
  • Various Riggy improvements.
  • Fixed banning again.
  • Fixed a crash involving t-posing as a Disney Character.
  • Reworked Mini-Servers so that way most District Resets don't shut down the server.
  • You can no longer summon Field Offices with a negative difficulty level.