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Windows 7 or later



Sierra (10.12) 64bit or later



Ubuntu 16.04 64bit or later


Latest Release Notes


  • Added the ability to load custom filters using the Filters Magic Word. Refer to the existing filters found in phase 3 as a guide to create your own.
  • Added an unused feature that allows you to view a list of all the Toons you ignore. You can view this list on the rightmost tab of the friends list.
  • Added a new Magic Word, ReloadFilters. This Magic Word will reload any filter currently enabled.
  • Added a new Magic Word, GrabTreasures. This Magic Word will automatically grab all of the treasures currently in the zone.
  • Added new aliases to several Magic Words.
  • Added a new Retro Mode setting, Estate Popsicles. This setting allows you to toggle between the popsicle and ice cream cone textures for the treasures in the Estate.
  • Added a new song to the Jukeboxes in Toontown Central and Toontown Outskirts.
  • Added a new secret Easter Egg to a Trolley Game.
  • Added a new secret Easter Egg in Toontown Central.


  • Updated Panda3D and Pypperoni to their latest respective versions. This fixes a few issues- most notably the reversed order of the Jukebox song list.
  • When playing Offline Mode, any account will be now granted a temporary Hoster Access Level to allow use of nearly all Magic Words.
  • The name 'Von' will no longer appear lowercase in the Make-A-Toon.
  • The particle effects produced from the Smokin' Foreman Cog's cigar is now limited.
  • Currently active filters will now appear on the debug overlay interface.
  • Virtual Cogs will now give merits outside of DA Offices.
  • Mega Invasions can no longer be ended with the Invasion Magic Word.
  • Slightly increased the lethality of evidence thrown by lawyers in the Courtroom Catastrophe Mini-Game.
  • Slightly increased the stun duration of lawyers rank 4 and above in the Courtroom Catastrophe Mini-Game.
  • Tweaked the effect of an existing Easter Egg.
  • Tweaked a couple spawn locations in the Toontown Outskirts.
  • Improved the music transition when moving between laps of races.
  • Improved an old Disney feature that attempted to prevent exploiting in Cog Facilities.
  • Improved the Control Settings interface, including the new ability to reset your control scheme to default.
  • Improved the readability of custom controls in the settings.json file. This will make it easier to manually adjust control settings, rather than strictly relying on the in-game interface.
  • Improved the SaveDNA and LoadDNA Magic Words. You can now save up to 10 different Toon DNAs, then preview and choose up which to load from a new interface.
  • Improved the GetAccessLevel Magic Word to allow for other Toons to be targeted.
  • Improved the ToggleMute Magic Word. You can now specify a mute duration in minutes rather than seconds, and the responses provided will be clearer.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a district reset when summoning a Cog Building.
  • Fixed a crash related to the Announce Magic Word.
  • Fixed a crash related to receiving a whisper.
  • Fixed a crash when entering the Tutorial Terrace, Toontown Fields, or Cogtown Central zones.
  • Fixed a crash related to the distanced dialogue feature.
  • Fixed a few issues regarding the timer in Microgames.
  • Fixed a few issues with Cog Buildings in the Toontown Outskirts.
  • Fixed a few issues with the Jukebox in the Toontown Outskirts.
  • Fixed an issue where the friends list button would sometimes become obscured by mounting your Kart from the Magic Menu.
  • Fixed an issue where the Cog spawn rates in the Toontown Outskirts would be abnormally high.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented certain Magic Word aliases from functioning.
  • Fixed an issue where the Toontown Central fountain would not show in various places.
  • Fixed an issue where the Tag Game would show up on the Beta Trolley when you are alone.
  • Fixed an issue where your Toon would detach from your Kart after pressing the exit button in the Magic Menu.
  • Fixed an issue where Cogs in the Toontown Outskirts were silent.
  • Fixed an issue with the shuffle button when choosing your Toon's clothing.
  • Fixed an issue where the Chat Log would not function.
  • Fixed an issue where battle music would not play when fighting a Cog in the Toontown Central themed Outskirts.
  • Fixed an issue where Virtual Skelecogs would sometimes not show up properly in Boss Battles while a Virtual Skelecog Invasion is active.