Hey there! I hope that to all who are reading this, you’re having a good day so far. Welcome to our September 2020 blog post. Shall we get into it?

Team Applications
A couple weeks ago, we officially announced our brand new team applications on our Discord and Twitter. Truth be told, we’ve never really had official applications for the team. The most we’ve ever had in the way of applications was an old, unprofessional Google Forms that we sometimes shared and talked about. The form wasn’t really tailored to any particular position, and we rarely got back to anyone who filled it out. It wasn’t really that good.

This time around, however, things are quite different. We’re now proud to have fully-fledged applications for a variety of different roles on our team. Each of our new applications is tailored to the position it’s intended for, and we’re really happy with how they turned out. In addition, we’ve released two new teasers for our Operation: Seek Out Scrooge update to go alongside the new applications. You can find more about that below.

If you are interested in applying to join the Toontown Offline Team, head over to our Join The Team page and fill out the application that best suits you! We currently have applications open for all three departments- Development, Creative, and Support.

However, if you don't wish to join the team but still feel like you have something you could contribute, we also have another new document on our applications page- The Active Contributions List. We highly recommend checking this document out if you have something you wish to contribute to Toontown Offline.

New Teasers
To go along with the release of our new team applications, we recently put out two new teasers. One is a promotional image you can find on our Join The Team page, and the other is a soundtrack we uploaded to our Youtube channel. Feel free to give the latter a listen below!

Support E-Mail
Alongside our new team applications, we've set up a brand new support e-mail system. Not only do we plan to use this to accept team applications, but it's also open for a variety of other inquiries. If you have a question about the game, a suggestion, bug report, or anything in between, don't hesitate to shoot us an e-mail at [email protected].

New Content
As always, our miscellaneous content updates are chugging along. Since our last blog post, we’ve released over a dozen minor content updates to the game. Sometimes our updates are small tweaks and bug fixes, but others contain some miscellaneous new features. To check out all the recent updates, head over to the Release Notes page on our website.

Next Month
Well, that’s just about all we had to cover for what’s been happening the past month. As for next month? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see! September marks the anniversary of Toontown Online’s closure, which has since been made into a very special month by the Toontown community. I very much look forward to writing another post soon. Anyways, I hope you all enjoyed today’s blog post, and I’ll see you again soon! Have a good one.

The Toontown Offline Team