Greetings everyone! Welcome to the August 2020 blog post. Oh boy is this going to be a big one- but we’re going to try and get through things a bit faster than the essay we wrote this time last year. After all, we’ve got a lot to discuss today. This includes the 6th birthday of Toontown Offline, our brand new v1.0.2.0 update releasing today, and much, much more!

New v1.0.2.0 Update
Before we get into any birthday shenanigans you may or may not care about, let’s talk about our new update- v1.0.2.0. We’ve been working on this update for the better part of 6 weeks, although about half of that time it was in limbo and wasn’t worked on too much. Earlier this month, we held a livestream on our Twitch channel showing off some of what was to come in this update, and now we’re pleased to finally release it. The update will be releasing side-by-side with today’s blog post, and will feature a ton of new content to check out.

Well, what’s in this update you may ask? If you read last month’s blog post, you’ll see that we talked about some big news in the Toontown community- a leak of Toontown Online assets referred to as “Spotify” or “Pandora”. Literal thousands of high-quality source assets for the game were revealed, but it wasn’t just limited to that. There were also various other models and textures in the Spotify leak, including some for Beta Playgrounds. As you may know, we already had a few Beta Playgrounds in-game up until this leak, but it wasn’t our highest priority to finish the rest or polish the existing ones. However, with the release of Spotify, we were given the opportunity to do the rest of the Beta Playgrounds justice. With our hands now on the original Beta Brrrgh model and more, we sought out to make the theme of our new update focused on finishing off the Beta Playgrounds.

With this update, we are proud to announce that Toontown Offline is now host to high-quality recreations of all 6 Beta Playgrounds as seen in the early days of Toontown Online. We won’t get too much into the specifics here, but a lot of work was put into both the new and existing Beta Playgrounds. Some have had minor tweaks, while Toontown Central was entirely remade from the ground-up. A lot of work was put into these, and we hope you thoroughly enjoy exploring each and every one. Please note, however, that we still intend to update the Beta Playgrounds in the future. Our work is not done, and we will never be able to make absolute perfect reactions of these. It is our goal to get as close as possible, and future updates will aim to fix any inaccuracies you may encounter. We encourage feedback and critique of these zones so we can get them as close to the originals as possible.

But what else is in the update? We have a bit more than just the Beta Playgrounds to show off. The other highlight of this update is the introduction of the Boss Party system, and the first custom Boss Battle Minigame- something we like to call Courtroom Catastrophe. The Boss Party feature allows Mini-Server moderators to easily organize groups of Toons to enter Boss Battles without having to organize in their respective lobbies. With this new feature, however, also makes possible the inclusion of new custom instances. The first one we’ll be trying out with this update is named Courtroom Catastrophe.

Courtroom Catastrophe is a new mini-game and a different take on the C.J. battle. Throughout the Toontown community, we think most would agree that the C.J. is the most unpopular Boss Battle. With that in mind, we sought out to make changes to it that would make things really fun and enjoyable to those who may not have liked it before. Our goal was not to create a new Boss Battle, but to give players a new Mini-Game they could play if they were bored on a Mini-Server. And this, Courtroom Catastrophe was born. This is an 8v8 Mini-Game in which the players are split into two different sides and have to fight to tip the scale in their favor first. This works very similarly, but also very different to the normal C.J. boss fight. New mechanics have been introduced such as the ability to upgrade the Cog Lawyers and have them throw evidence at the pan for you. Overall, we had a lot of fun working on this new feature and hope you enjoy it. In general, the Boss Party system opens the doors to various other custom instances such as this one in the future. In order to play, a Mini-Server moderator must activate it using the new “BossParty” Magic Word.

The Beta Playground updates and Courtroom Catastrophe are the main two features of this update, though we have various other tweaks, but fixes, and more included as well. To see a full list of them all, be sure to check out the latest release notes by clicking the button on the top of the website. Log into Toontown Offline right now to check all of these updates out for yourself!

Toontown Offline’s 6th Birthday
Aside from our large update, we have something else special to celebrate today. As you may have already figured out by the title of today’s post, today is Toontown Offline’s 6th birthday! 6 years ago today on MMO Central Forums, Toontown Offline was released to the public as a way to play Toontown while waiting for the release of Toontown Rewritten. Our project began as more of a Toontown Rewritten fan-game, and evolved into who we are today- an independent sandbox project with a bunch of new features.

Over this past year, we finally released our v1.0 update, marking the beginning of our project’s independence from others. The release of this update was very exciting for us, and we hope to keep updating the game for years to come. Even when the day eventually comes that all of our team members move on and the game no longer gets updated, Toontown Offline will always be here, available to play without any centralized server or the need for an internet connection. We think this is what truly makes our game special.

Six years may not seem like a lot, but in reality it’s over half the time Disney’s Toontown Online was up for. And in only a few more years, our project will eventually become as old as the original game itself. And honestly, we can’t wait for that. Thank you very much for sticking with us all this time!

I began writing today’s post thinking I could make it shorter than last year’s birthday post, but it turns out it’s still over 1,000 words this time around. Yikes. However, if you read everything up until now, we applaud you! We always enjoy making posts like these that elaborate on new updates, but also on our past- so hopefully you also enjoy reading them. With that, we’ll see you next month for our next monthly update post. Until then, have a good one!

The Toontown Offline Team