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ToonFest Grand Opening

Riggy Marole

Toon Resistance
G'day, all! It's finally time for a special announcement you've all been waiting for: ToonFest has now opened for business! My good mate Weird's been hard at work getting ToonFest working... and by "hard at work", I mean he's been slacking off. Hard. So I took construction into my own hands, and now ToonFest is ready! Unfortunately, I was only able to build the ToonFest tower, plant the treasures, inflate the balloon, and hire Flippy to man the pie stands. I tried to get some Token Takers and party activities, but they were delayed! Madness! So unfortunately, we basically only have ToonFest 2014. Irregardless, in the next update, I invite you to have as much fun as you want at ToonFest! Just don't go down the rabbit hole. You might not like what you see! Ahahahahaaa... right...