Greetings everyone! Today, we come to you with some very special news. This doesn’t regard Toontown Offline in particular, but rather the Toontown Community as a whole. A lot has happened over the past week, and we’re here to keep you up-to-date about what it is, what it means for Toontown, and what it means for Toontown Offline. Let’s get started.

Robot Toon
A few days ago, a never-before-seen tool was anonymously released to the public on the /r/toontown subreddit. This tool is called Robot Toon. It was a program Disney used in order to create some of the promotional material you’d see on the Toontown Online website and merchandise. This alone was a large discovery that had many community members excited. This is such a historic, yet powerful tool for the community to have it’s hands on. In fact, today’s blog post thumbnail was made inside Robot Toon- and we plan to make many more with it in the future. We highly recommend giving the above Reddit post a read and checking out the program for yourself.

Pandora’s Box
Last night, another anonymous Toon also made a post to /r/toontown regarding unreleased Toontown Online content. This post, however, completely opened up the Pandora’s Box of Toontown content. Contained within this post is a link to a Github repository containing the biggest discovery in the history of the Toontown community.

In every version of Toontown ever released, the game assets have been unfortunately scaled down in quality. This was done so that lower-end computers of the early 2000s era could run the game with relative ease. The original, high-quality textures were never available to the public- until now. Inside this Github repository is a plethora of high-quality Toontown Online assets, unreleased concepts, models, textures, and much more. Nothing like this has ever surfaced before in the community. This is a moment of pride for this community, for us to finally have our hands on something so important after so long. At your earliest convenience, we implore you to check out this discovery for yourself using the links above. This is all still fresh, and more things are being discovered by the minute. We also suggest checking out /r/toontown for future developments on what has been found as a result of this massive asset dump.

So, what does this mean for Toontown Offline?

We currently have a plan in mind for what to do regarding these new assets. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • We plan on releasing a new feature that allows players to swap between the original game assets and the newer high-quality ones.

  • Included in this asset dump was a model of The Brrrgh in it’s beta state. We intend to use the Beta Brrrgh model and finally finish adding all of the Beta Playgrounds in our v1.0.2.0 update. A few other old playground-related models were also found, and we intend to use them to improve current Beta Playgrounds.

  • Also found was an unreleased Cog Golf Course area. This was a cog version of a normal golf course, like the ones you would find in Acorn Acres. We plan to use this asset in order to upgrade the existing Terrifying Two golf course to what will now be known as the Terrifying Three.

  • Miscellaneous models, textures, and a singular unused music track found in this dump have certainly peaked our interest. We want to use a variety of other assets found within this release, but it’s too early to confirm when and how we are going to use them. Mentioned above is the only content we’re 100% confident in that will see the light of day- and very soon at that.

I hope you’re excited as we are about these new revelations. Robot Toon and the “Pandora’s Box” releases are by far the largest two discoveries ever made in the history of the Toontown community. We’re excited for what the future holds with content like this, and we’ll be sure to talk about it next time something big like this happens. Take care of yourself, and have a good one!