Hey everyone, welcome to our June 2020 blog post. Before we go into things today, I’d like to preface this post with the following message. We on the Toontown Offline team believe that video games are a great opportunity to escape from the outside world. People of all backgrounds look to games in their time of need as a hope to forget about what is going on around them. That being said, we will be going forward with today’s blog post in our usual lighthearted fashion. We want to try our best to continue to provide that escape from reality that so many people look for when playing games. So without further ado, let’s get into today’s post.

Happy Birthday!
17 years ago today on June 2nd, 2003, Disney’s Toontown Online left beta and officially launched to the public. All those years later, here in 2020, thousands of fans of Toontown are still actively playing and developing this game we all love. It’s really crazy to think that this game is nearing 20 years old, which is almost double the age of the game when Disney decided to shut its doors in 2013. On behalf of the entire Toontown community- Happy Birthday Toontown!

New Updates
Over the past month, we’ve released quite a few updates to the game. Most notably, however, is our v1.0.1.0 update. This update is the first medium-sized update since the release of v1.0. Alongside it, we released Linux support for the game along with various other playground-related features. We updated some existing Beta Playgrounds, added Beta Donald’s Dreamland, added a new area to Acorn Acres, and more. On the note of the new Acorn Acres zone, referred to as Chip N’ Dale’s Campsite, this addition to the game was actually inspired by recently released Toontown Online game design documents. One of these documents, released by community member jjkoletar, detailed Disney’s original plans for how Doodles would work and function in the game. An original concept was to have new “pet park” areas that Doodles could walk around in, but unfortunately this feature never saw the light of day in the final product. Chip N’ Dale’s Campsite acts as a Doodle Park of sorts, and allows Toons to bring their pets together like you would do in your Estate. This new zone is also thanks to Smokin’ Foreman, who recently created and used it in his most recent Youtube video. Be sure to give the game design documents a read, and head over to Youtube to watch Foreman’s video!

Hopefully you guys are enjoying these smaller, periodic updates we have every so often. The next time we plan to have an update of this size is when Mac support is added. As for when that will happen, we can’t give any estimates at the moment. Rest assured though, it is coming. In the short-term, you can look forward to us adding back Discord Integration from the Test Server, bringing back the in-game Mini-Server list from older versions of the game, and the aforementioned Mac Support.

For now though, that’s all we have to update you on for this month. We hope that everyone out there takes good care of themselves, and we look forward to speaking with you again next month on the eve of the 4th of July holiday. Take care, and have a good one!

The Toontown Offline Team