Greetings, everyone! Welcome to the first new blog post of Toontown Offline v1.0.

It’s been almost two weeks since we officially pushed v1.0 out the door, and already so much has happened since then. We’ve managed to push out ten new updates to the game that contain everything from new features, tweaks, and a plethora of bug fixes. It’s been our priority to make sure that with this new release of the game, any large issues that popped up got dealt with as soon as possible. Now with the majority of larger bugs out of the way, we plan to slow down with what were previously daily updates. In the future, you can still expect to see various new patches to the game- although on an irregular schedule.

So what’s next for Toontown Offline? If you’ve read several of our prior blog posts, you may have heard a little something called Operation: Seek Out Scrooge. However, we feel it’s been a while since we’ve had a moment to talk about what this future update actually involves. So whether you’ve kept up to date with us for years, or if you’re brand new to Toontown Offline, be sure to read ahead and be caught up to speed on our next large update.

What is Operation: Seek Out Scrooge?
Operation: Seek Out Scrooge, or SOS for short, is the title of a large update we’ve been working on for the past few years.

Our intentions with SOS are to provide Toontown with new end-game challenges that wrap up the storyline as a whole. As seen in our Prologue episode, Toontown’s story began with Scrooge McDuck activating The Chairman, beginning the invasion of the Cogs. With SOS, our aim is to resolve the conflict originally begun in The Prologue.

The SOS update will feature a brand new end-game taskline that takes place immediately after obtaining your last Bossbot Suit Part from Flippy. (As a matter of fact, you can already begin the first task of the new taskline in the live game! However, you are not able to turn in the toontask at this time- that will have to wait until SOS releases.) This new taskline will involve the Toons making their way across several new Cog areas on a mission to find Scrooge McDuck and The Chairman. At its culmination, this new taskline will finish off the Toontown story- it will be the end of the game.

”End of the game, you say? MMO’s typically don’t have an ending!” We feel that Toontown Offline in particular is in the sweet spot necessary to create an update like this one. Due to the sandbox nature of our game, we don’t have many players who dedicate time to their Toons. The typical player uses Magic Words to max out their Toon’s stats, and that’s the end of it. Our game isn’t a typical server or MMO where the progress you make matters- we just want to have fun without concerning ourselves with the grind Toontown has to offer. That being said, we believe that an “end” to the game will fit well for us. Unlike the Cog Headquarters updates Disney released, the new Cog areas and toontasks we plan to release in SOS will not be grindy. They will serve as one-time areas you visit to complete your toontasks, and that’s it.

”If Toontown Offline is sandbox-orientated, won’t the new content be boring?” Well yes, but actually no. Our game is indeed a sandbox, and we don’t plan to change that. However, with the new content that SOS brings, we intend for it to be played legitimately. Not only that, but we recommend this new content be played legitimately. If not done so, it may seriously dampen the first-time experience as you play through it. Upon release, we will have new settings and Magic Words that will allow players to create pseudo-maxed Toons to play the new content with. These features will allow you to give you Toon average stats for a high laff Toon, while not maxing them out altogether. For example, you will be able to use a Magic Word that gives your Toon 120 laff points, 6 gag tracks, and a handful of rewards that would simulate the experience of playing SOS legitimately without being too overpowered as the typical "MaxToon" Magic Word.

”Can the SOS taskline be played in Offline Mode?” Yes, this new taskline can be played solo- but it will be very, very hard. Despite this being Toontown Offline, we are designing our new content with 8 players in mind. It will be best played with a full group of Toons upon release, although it will be solo-able just like any other Cog-related content in the game.

Since its inception, SOS has undergone many, many changes- both the story and visuals. Right now, we have a very clear vision and plans laid ahead of us for exactly what we want out of this update. With enough time and care, we are confident this update can become the one Toontown players have dreamed of ever since the C.E.O. first mentioned The Chairman back in 2008.

How Long Until This Update Comes Out??
We currently do not have any sort of time-frame for this update. As we come close to release, we will be releasing it to the Test Server like we did for the v1.0 update. Keep in mind that we will be very communicative regarding the release of the update when it happens. It won’t slip under your nose- we fully intend to make a spectacle when the update finally releases. Always make sure to keep up with our social media, Discord server, and this website for updates in the future.

Right now though, we’ve already been making great progress as development on SOS has started back up. We’re more confident than ever before in our skills, and are actively working on the update almost every day now.

How Far Along are you Into the Development of this Update?
We can't give a good estimate at this time. Things often change during the development cycle, and some features are finished faster or slower than initially expected. Please refer to what we've stated above.

What Can We Expect in the Meantime?
The other day, we put out a teaser on our social media for Linux support. It’s right around the corner now, so bare with us for just a little longer, Linux players!

Aside from that though, you can expect to see some updates to the live game from time to time. Generally, these updates will be small tweaks and bug fixes- although we do have a few medium-sized features planned out that we will release if we have some spare time.

Thanks for reading today’s post! Hopefully this left you off much more informed about our SOS update than when you first began reading. As usual, head on over to our Discord Server to chat with the developers of the game and stay up-to-date on all things Toontown Offline. Until next month, have a good one all!

The Toontown Offline Team