ATTN Sellbots:

Toons have found the hidden Factory. Thanks to those meddling Toons, production has dropped by over 26%. This will not stand. All Sellbots will be required to attend a meeting on March 3rd to discuss the fortification of Factories. In addition, the "fabulous" Skelecog in charge of the hidden Factory will be receiving supplies for not only fortification but also possible expansion of his Factory to make it more difficult for Toons to navigate. He will also be assigned, if necessary, more Cogs to guard the Factory. We may use this opportunity to test the mettle of the independent company of Cogs (please refer to Memo 1432252800 for more details). Considering the Foreman's recent misconduct, I am still not sure whether I should fear trusting the new forces with the Factory or trusting him with the new forces. In compensation for the installation of this increased security, the Foreman's train set shall be returned to him.

In other news, sales for Chairman's Cigars have more than doubled in the past month. I would like to congratulate the following for purchasing the most Chairman's Cigars: "Swag" Foreman (The Mingler), "Dank" Downsizer, and The Big Cheese 46853.

Get back to work,

Senior V. P.