Hello everyone! Welcome to our August 2019 blog post. Today’s post is going to be a big one- rather than just a progress update, we have a plethora of things to talk about this time. Read on to hear about the recent updates to our Test Server, the planned release date of v1.0.0.0, information regarding our loading screen screenshot contest, information regarding the future of development, and the most exciting news all day… celebrating Toontown Offline’s 5th birthday!

The Toontown Offline Project’s 5th Birthday
On this day five years ago, a Toontown fan named Logano made a post on MMOCentral Forums titled, “Toontown- An Offline Interpretation of Disney’s Toontown Online.” This project was originally created with the intent of holding people over until Toontown Rewritten got out of closed beta. On September 19th 2014, Rewritten managed to successfully leave closed beta- but the interest in Logano’s project remained. Thanks to our dedicated developers and the interest of fans, Toontown Offline quickly blossomed into a unique project of its own. Throughout these five years, we went from a project with only a handful of team members, to that with a couple dozen, both team members and contributors alike. Don’t be fooled- we’ve definitely had our ups and downs along the way. Not all of our artists, musicians, or even programmers were experts when they joined the team. This project has meant so much more to us than just a game. For many of us on the team, it was our catalyst into learning about game development. If you go back and look at videos of our older content, you’ll have to agree- some of it doesn’t look the best. But through effort, perseverance, and the sheer amount of time we’ve spent working on the project, all of us on Toontown Offline have grown and are continuing to make something that we’re very, very proud of. Although Toontown Rewritten has been out of beta for a while now, our former mission statement can still be held true with just a minor tweak:

Toontown Offline is a game created to preserve the spirit of Toontown forever. We’ve designed our game to last past ourselves. Unfortunately, all things must come to an end- there will be a time when we stop producing updates for Toontown Offline. However, when that day comes, and as long as you can find an operating system to run the game on, you will be able to play it for many, many years to come without the worry of a centralized server going down.

Although some things may seem more emphasized than others, we have a lot of varying content we’ve added over the years- and still have yet to add. Whether it be new commands that allow you to transform into an oversized doodle, or an Episode that shows Scrooge McDuck activating The Chairman, we hope that there is something in our game for everyone. While we do have an overall mission statement, we have a short-term mission as well. For the remaining years that our team intends to update Toontown Offline, we are making it our goal to provide closure and freedom wherever possible. We intend to open this game up to its full extent, while also closing up loose ends that we feel Disney failed to do. In our case, we plan on delivering an update that extends the storyline past Bossbot Headquarters, one that gives a satisfying ending to the tale of Toons vs Cogs- this update is known as Operation: Seek Out Scrooge. On the other hand, we intend to open our game up to the normal user as much as possible, so even those without much experience as a developer can make edits to their beloved game- this update will be our Modding API, which is planned for development after the release of Seek Out Scrooge. However long it will take to reach our goals, we can trust on you, our fans, to be with us along the way. From myself and the entire Toontown Offline team, we thank you for sticking by us these past five years.

Toontown Offline Test Server
For nearly a month, we had taken down our test server in lieu of security concerns. While our developers continue to work on our upgraded security, we decided to open the Test Server back up with a new feature- whitelist mode. Whitelist mode will allow Mini-Server hosters to whitelist specific usernames so that only those Toons can connect to the server. For now, this temporarily solution seems to have worked quite well. We will continue to update the Test Server with new features and bug fixes unless we have any additional security concerns. When we opened the Test Server back up, we had quite a few new features for our players to test out. We’ve also continued to add new content throughout the past few days, too. Here is a summary of those features:

We’ve added a couple new Toontasks that you can pick up after completing your Bossbot Suit Part tasks. These new tasks are short, but are intended to bridge the gap between the end of Disney’s taskline, and our upcoming new taskline you will find in Operation: Seek Out Scrooge.
Transformation Commands have been ported over from the old Toontown Offline to our Test Server. These commands have received some major improvements, and still require a few more bug fixes before they are completely finished. In addition, we have added a new transformation command onto the pile of old ones- that being TransformProp. This command allows you to transform your Toon into any prop in our in-game prop list. There is still one more transformation command on the horizon before we’re completely finished with them though, and that’s TransformFish. Once this command is added, we are proud to announce that every single command we planned to port back over from the old version is now complete!
The Toontown Outskirts easter egg zone has been expanded once more. For those who are unaware, the Toontown Outskirts is an area Toons can access via an easter egg in Toontown Central. The purpose of this zone is to bridge the gap between Toontown Central and the Toontorial. However, things aren’t all that serious in this area- there are several tributes and references scattered around that all can enjoy.
Our Discord Rich Presence feature is finished, as you are now able to request and invite your friends to join you on a Toontown Offline Mini-Server. When a friend on Discord requests to join your game, you’ll see an in-game popup prompting you to accept or reject their request. If you accept, their game will automatically launch and connect them to the Mini-Server you are in. They will still need to enter a username in order to join the game.

v1.0.0.0’s Release Date
All of us here on Toontown Offline know the feeling of not knowing when your favorite game is going to release. It’s annoying, but the unfortunate reality is that anything can change when you’re developing a game. Motivation, the loss of team members, or just a busy schedule. Reasons like this is why we’ve often avoided providing concrete release dates in the past. However, being as today is our birthday, we’re going to try our best and provide you with an estimate for the release of v1.0.0.0. Please note that in no way are we guaranteeing a release date, but rather we are providing our best guess and goal for the release. We are currently aiming to release Toontown Offline v1.0.0.0 on September 1st, 2019. It’s pretty far off from the original few months estimate we gave this time last year, but we’re hoping that it’s been worth the wait. Unlike our original plans for v1.0.0.0, we’ve gone back and redone several more internal systems, and have done our best to polish the experience of playing Toontown Offline. We want this to be the final time we go through any sort of revamp, rebrand, or polish update, meaning we put our all into this one.

The Future
Once we release v1.0.0.0, we’re going to take a few days to assess the situation before we begin working on Seek Out Scrooge. Some of our developers plan to work on SOS, and some intend to maintain the live version of the game- whether that be through bug fixes should any arise, or small new features. As a result of our new deployment systems, any future updates we release will be released in a speedy manner. The reason we have tended to do larger updates in between each other over the years is due to our formerly slow deployment. It would often take us a few hours if we wanted to push a new update out, which is why we went with the all-or-nothing mentality. Now, we could push out a few tweaks in a matter of minutes if we wanted to. If any game-breaking bugs in our official release arise, then they are sure to be fixed and deployed in a timely manner.

Meanwhile, our other developers, artists, and musicians plan to begin working full-force on Operation: Seek Out Scrooge. Right now, we’re going back into this project with high expectations, high motivation, and high ambitions. We have a bit of work to do on finishing up one of our large features of SOS- a new boss battle. Once we’re done that, we plan to immediately begin development on a second new boss battle- The Chairman Boss Battle. The details of what we’re working on for Seek Out Scrooge have been under wraps for so long, but we feel at this point the cat is out of the bag. Starting after the release of v1.0.0.0, our team is going full-force at making The Chairman Boss Battle the best it can be. We’re aiming to deliver our fans the most satisfying, rewarding experience we can possibly aim for. We hope to get underway with this project very soon, and we will update you along the journey. Before we wrap up this post though, there is one more important thing to touch on.

v1.0.0.0 Loading Screen Screenshot Contest
Back in 2017, we held a contest exclusive to our Discord server where Toons could submit screenshots we could use as new loading screens in-game. As of v1.0.0.0, we’re scrapping all the screenshots we collected then due to our switch in source code. Starting on August 7th, we are starting up a new contest so you can have a chance to submit your own screenshots to possibly be used in-game. Keep reading to learn the requirements for each screenshot, and even possible rewards for your submissions!

Screenshot Requirements & Awards
We plan to narrow all the submissions we receive down to a total of 10-15 screenshots per Playground and Cog Headquarters. Because of this, we implore you to submit a variety of different screenshots from areas around Toontown. The screenshots you submit should represent Toontown Offline in particular. It’s okay to submit a few scenic screenshots of an area, however our goal is for people to glance at one of our loading screens and think to themselves, “Yeah, that’s Toontown Offline.” If you have this mindset while taking screenshots for our contest, you should be good to go. Here are some of the more specific requirements and specifications:

To submit a screenshot, visit https://ttoffline.com/entry after August 8th to attach your files along with an optional message stating who you are, and a way we can contact you.
All screenshots should be taken in a 16:9 aspect ratio.
All screenshots should be no smaller than a 1600x900 pixel resolution.
Do not apply any filters or extra effects to your screenshots.
If you are submitting more than a few screenshots, please try to limit the amount of times your Toon makes an appearance. Please do not submit multiple screenshots with your Toon in all of them.
Take your screenshot using either the F9 key in-game, or via a 3rd party screen capture program.
Please try to submit your screenshots as PNG files.
To hide your on-screen GUI, press the F3 key.
To move your camera around, press the F4 key.

This contest will close on August 30th, 2019. After it closes, we will tally up all the entries and determine which ones will be going in-game. The top 3 Toons who submit the most screenshots we end up using will receive a brand new, never-before-seen Toontown Offline trading card. These trading cards will be available for free to the general public at a later date. The Toon who submits the most that we end up using will, in addition, receive a Toontown Offline poster. These posters are team-member exclusives, and these will not be available to the general public. If you intend to win a prize when submitting screenshots, remember to include your name and a way to contact you upon making your submission. Feel free to make your submissions into multiple entries- we will combine them into one so long as your name and contact info remain consistent between them.

A Final Word
Boy, was this post a doozy to write. If you’ve managed to read this far into it, then congratulations. If you skipped straight to the end, I highly recommend reading through the full thing- there is a lot of juicy information you’ll want to read about. For now though, I would like to thank everyone once more for sticking with Toontown Offline. We appreciate everyone who has been a part of our game, no matter the level of contribution. These five years have been a blast, and here’s to five more. This is Benjamin from the Toontown Offline team, signing out. Have a good July 31st, everyone.

The Toontown Offline Team