Toons of the World, Cogs of Cog Nation, Ducks of Duckberg, and Doodles of Doodlevania- the time has finally come! We are proud to announce the release of the Toontown Offline Test Server!

Starting today, you can head over to the Downloads page of the website to download our brand new Toontown Offline Test launcher. From there, you will be able to log into our official test servers and help us test out the new v1.0.0.0 update. Here is everything you need to know about the Test Server:

  • Toontown Offline Test is only available to Windows users at this time.

  • When logging onto the Test Server, make sure to use a complex username. On Toontown Offline, your username serves as a username and password combined into one. Make sure you don’t forget it!

  • The Test server will be online all the way up until the official release of our v1.0.0.0 update.

  • There will be frequent updates to the Test Server during it’s uptime. Release notes for each smaller update will also be posted on our Testers Discord server.

  • A maximum of 128 Toons are allowed on the Test Server at any given time.

  • The Release Notes for this update can be found on our Testers Discord server, which you can join by clicking the link at the bottom of this post.

  • We encourage you to report any bugs you run into on our Testers Discord server. We will need all the help we can get to make sure the next version of Toontown Offline is bug-free.

  • There are a multitude of features in v1.0.0.0 that are not yet available on the Test Server. We are working on these behind the scenes, and they will start rolling out to the Test Server over the next few weeks. A list of these features can be found on our Release Notes.

  • A key feature that we will be rolling out soon is our updated interface. This includes a new title screen, new pick-a-toon screen, and new loading screens. We have the first two covered, however we need your help to create new loading screens for us! Check back later for more information on our new loading screen submission contest.

Well, what are you waiting for? We need your help to test Toontown Offline! Go ahead and join both our regular and Testers Discord servers! Download the game by pressing “PLAY”, and you’re off! See you in Toontown Offline!

Join the Toontown Offline Testers Discord

- Benjamin
Lead Content Producer
Toontown Offline Team