Hello everyone! Welcome to the June 2019 blog post. This month we have quite a lot to talk about, including the brand new website update, Discord integration, and a few other in-game features that were worked on this past month. Without further delay, let's get into it!

Website Update
A few days ago as of writing this post, our website unexpectedly went down due to unforeseen circumstances involving our server provider. We decided to keep the site down for a few days as our website developer Jake S. finished an update to the site he's been working on for a while now. Here is just a short summary of what's new:

  • The "About" page has been completely redone. Go check it out!

  • The "Archives" page has been improved.

  • The "Servers" page has been improved.

  • The Blog Post interface has been improved.

  • Mini-Server hosters now have the ability to set a server icon on their Mini-Server listing. This icon will also show in-game once the v1.0 update releases.

  • Those applying to list their Mini-Server on our website will now be automatically notified if their server is approved or denied via Discord.

  • The Discord invite link is now functional again.

  • Various other backend improvements.

Discord Integration
Just yesterday we began working on Discord Integration for Toontown Offline. You can see an example of how this may look in the thumbnail of this post! Our plans are to make our Discord Integration the best it can be by allowing you to join your friends on Mini-Servers with just a click of a button. More specifics will be provided about this feature in the upcoming v1.0 release notes.

Global Chat & Chat Log
Toontown as a whole has a lot of areas to traverse, yet in Toontown Offline the maximum amount of Toons you'll ever find in a Mini-Server is 16. It can often be difficult to find out where everyone is located in-game- but not anymore! With the new Chat Log and Global Chat feature, you can talk to other Toons throughout a Mini-Server with ease. The new Chat Log is designed to be non-intrusive, yet helpful for keeping track of your communications. We would like to give a big thanks to Operation: Dessert Storm for providing the base code required to get our new Chat Log up and running. Because we have developers on both projects, you can expect to see Chat Log improvements and Global Chat coming to that game soon as well!

Toon Parties
There isn't much in the way of visuals to show off, but work has continued on Toon Parties. This feature is probably one of the most annoying things in Toontown to develop due to the complexities of the hosting system. This month we managed to get closer to finishing Parties, but there is still a bit more left to do. At least you can load into them now!

Custom Colors & SOS Cards
In Toontown Offline 2.5.7, you can make custom colors and SOS cards that only you can see- unless you share your files with others. Now, these two features are server-sided, meaning that if a Mini-Server hoster adds new colors or SOS cards to the game, users joining the server will load them without having to download anything externally. In the future we hope to add more things like these so our players can enjoy a more customized experience. Feel free to leave any suggestions for custom content in the suggestions channel of our Discord server.

As you can see, quite a lot was done this month! With lots of the team getting out for the Summer, we hope to get even more done by next month's post. Thank you for keeping up with the development of Toontown Offline. If you haven't already, please be sure to join our Discord server to chat with us or keep up-to-date with any news. If you had trouble joining our Discord within the past few months, please try again by clicking the icon at the top-right of our website- it should be linking to a working Discord invite once again. Have a great start to your Summer everyone, and have a good one all!

- Benjamin
Lead Content Producer
Toontown Offline Team