Hiya everyone! I hope you’ve all had a good couple weeks since the last post we’ve made. There isn’t too much to touch on this month, but we decided to make a post today in the spirit of getting back on our monthly post schedule. Without further delay, I’ll get right into our latest news.

Welcoming New Team Members
Last week, we welcomed two talented and widely respected members of the Toontown community onto our team- please give a warm welcome to Poppy Cheezycorn and Nat! To those that may not know them very well, allow me to introduce who they are. Poppy is an active community member who is a part of several projects, including Toontown Corporate Clash. On the other hand, Nat is the head moderator of the /r/Toontown subreddit. I hope everyone can give these two awesome people a warm welcome to our small community.

Magic Words & SpawnProp
Development has continued well since the post we made the other week. We’ve been continuing work on adding the remaining Magic Words to our new source code, as well as polishing them up. The command that has received the largest improvements by far is “SpawnProp”. We talked about this command in a previous blog post, but this past week it was given much more functionality and has been completed to our liking. At this point, SpawnProp is practically an entirely new command with how much has been added to it. In today’s blog post thumbnail, you can see an example of what this new powerful tool-set allows you to create- pixel art! Our lead developer Little Cat created pixel art of Mario from Super Mario Bros. 3 using the new SpawnProp capabilities. We are really excited to see what our players will do with this command, as it opens up the doors to a jellybean jar’s worth of creativity.

Another fairly large command we added back a few days ago is “Green”. The Green command allows you to make your target go sad, but with a neat little animation to it. A Toon, Cog, or Panda3D himself will come out of the blue and sadden anyone in their path. This command has been polished up extensively both code-wise and how it looks visually in-game. Aside from the DNA and SpawnProp commands, I’d say this is the most intricate Magic Word we have in the game.

I hope you enjoyed reading our short post for this month. As always, we welcome feedback for both in-game and out-of-game related things. Visit our Discord server (link found at the top of our website) to leave your feedback, or just hang out with the developers and fans of Toontown Offline. That’s all from me today, I hope everyone reading has a great May! Thanks for sticking with our project, and have a good one all!

- Benjamin
Lead Content Producer
Toontown Offline Team