Hello everyone, and welcome to our April 2019 blog post.

In last months post, our project lead Hypsin88 promised that I would be here to talk to you about the Seek Out Scrooge update- but for now, that post will have to wait. This past month we’ve made a tremendous amount of progress on our rebrand update, and we have quite a bit to talk about in regards to it. If you don’t know what our rebrand update is, I highly suggest you click the link near the top of our website and check out the post we made all the way back in August 2018. Anyways, we’ll begin by talking about something new: Test Toontown Offline.

Our v1.0.0.0 update has received a lot more work put into it recently (which we will go over later), making it closer to release each day. As our most important update yet, we think that the best way to make it go smooth is by getting help from you- the community! Once we get a few more big features re-added and polished, we’re going to open Test Toontown Offline to the public. Everyone will be able to participate and join the server if they so choose. While nothing we’re planning is set in stone, this is the current vision for Test Toontown Offline:

Test Toontown Offline
- We can’t quite give you a release estimate, but will will let you know more information in the days leading up to the test server coming online.
- We will be releasing a new launcher for the test server. It will have Offline mode disabled, and you will only be able to join our official test server.
- The official test server will act as a Mini-Server. Depending on how many players are interesting in hopping on, we may double or quadruple the player max from the normal Mini-Server cap. There still we be a cap, however- we don’t intend to open this up like a normal Toontown server.
- You won’t need to make an account to access the test server. As already stated, it will function similarly to how our current Mini-Servers work.
- During the testing period, not all features will be complete. We will slowly continue to add missing bits and bobs while the test server is up.
- We are going to be counting on our community to get us brand new loading screen screenshots during their time on the test server. We will also give more information about this later.

We’re excited to release Test Toontown Offline as soon as possible for players to get a taste of what we’ve been working on. We hope our players are just as excited as we are. As for what features will be on the test server (and the subsequent full release), we plan on creating two different update notes for the release of v1.0.0.0. One will be a set of features, changes, and tweaks in comparison to Toontown Offline, while the other will compare to the old Toontown Offline. This is being done in an effort to inform old players what has changed, while giving new insight as to how our game differs from Toontown Online. Speaking of features, let’s talk about some of them we’ve been at work on lately.

In Toontown Offline v1.0.0.0, our goal isn't simply to port over our old features to a clean Toontown Online source. Rather, every feature being moved over to our new code-base is getting a major toon-up. We don't want to leave any messy code or unpolished features in our game, so we've been running a very large comb over all the features we bring over- for some we’ve been adding onto quite a bit! Here are the ones we’ve worked on since the beginning of April:

- Bossbot Headquarters and the Terrifying Two
- Text to Speech
- Flower of Doom Easter Egg
- New Toontown Central Easter Egg
- New secret zone
- Kongdominium
- Racing Around Town

There are even more features we’re working on making new again, but perhaps we’ll talk about those next time.

I think that just about does it for this month’s post. Remember to keep an eye out on our website for any upcoming announcements regarding Test Toontown Offline. You can also join our Discord server (as found on the top-right of our website) to be caught up-to-date on anything important.

Thanks for reading this month’s post. We plan to get back on schedule with these posts next month, so expect another one in just a couple of weeks on May 1st. Until then, have a good one all!

- Benjamin
Lead Content Producer
Toontown Offline Team