Hello everyone, and welcome to the March progress update post!

This is my first time writing a post for Toontown Offline, so many of you may not know me yet. Allow me to introduce myself- my name is Hypsin, and I’ve been on Toontown Offline for almost two years now. I help out with various tasks around the project, and I also serve as the lead moderator of our Discord server. Today’s post will take a seat back from the normal style and focus on some recent changes that are being made behind-the-scenes. Without further ado, let’s begin.

Unfortunately, everything in life must come to an end. People move onto better and greater things, and Toontown is no exception. Over the past few weeks, four of our team members made the decision to step down and resign from the project- those members being Sparkpin, Ned, Mr. Cheeze, and JawhnL5. Each and every one of these former team members were valued members of the Toontown Offline team, had their own talents and contributions that will never be forgotten.

However, I would like to take a moment to shine the light on one particular person- JawhnL5 (better known simply as John). To those unaware, John has been the project lead and lead developer of Toontown Offline since March 2015. On behalf of the entire Toontown Offline team, we thank you dearly for your service over these past four years, John. Your efforts on this project are immeasurable, and they will not be forgotten. We wish John a future of nothing but success, and we hope our community can join us in applauding his legacy.

Moving onto our future prospects, I would like to report that not much has been done on the development side of things this past month. The entire team has taken a lot of time to reflect on the future of our project as a result of these recent events. As such, development hasn’t been of primary concern as we work on continuing the project without certain key team members. We are glad to say that with confidence, development of Toontown Offline v1.0.0.0 and Operation: Seek Out Scrooge will continue on. At the start of next month, you can expect a blog post from our two creative leads Benjamin and Smokin’ Foreman regarding Seek Out Scrooge and their vision for the future of that update. For now, I’ll end this month’s post off with a thank-you, and an outreach.

Over the years, Toontown Offline has been a host to many different contributors, whether they’ve been a member of our team or not. Hundreds of people have been responsible for the existence of our game, whether they be the original Toontown Online team for creating the game, the Toontown Rewritten for their work on the source code we based our game on for so long, or all those who have been directly involved in Offline. Many people have played a role in this project’s journey, and we thank everyone who has ever had involvement. With that, we have a request to make to the Toontown community. Toontown Offline is an ambitious project with a lot of goals- many of which have been years in the making. We are confident that we can achieve these in due time, ranging from near goals like the release of v1.0.0.0, or farther out ones such as the release of SOS. There are many other goals we have wanted to fulfill, too, such as a complete implementation of mod support. We would love to bring more talent onto our team in order to reach these goals easier, and sooner at that. Our current team is more than capable of completing everything we have set out in front of us, but it never hurts to ask for more help. If you have any skills that you think would be beneficial to Toontown Offline and you’re interested in joining our project, we’ve created a new application form you can fill out below. It’s pretty short, and we encourage anyone and everyone to fill it out if they want to help.
As of May 31st, 2019, these applications have been temporarily closed.

That about does it for March’s update post. Thank you for listening on to my ramblings this month, as this whole blog post thing is pretty new to me. As said earlier, expect our two creative leads Benjamin and Smokin’ Foreman to come back in a couple weeks with their own post. Until then, have a good one all!

- Hypsin88
Project Lead
Toontown Offline Team