Whoa, this is a bit different; you don’t tend to see me writing blogs posts! You might be asking yourself what I have done with Benjamin, but I assure you everything is quite alright here! This month, Ben is taking a much needed & much deserved break from writing the blog posts, after being the sole author of many of our blog posts for the longest time!

This month’s progress update came a little late, but to be honest with you, progress has been a little bit slow this month, so it’s rather fitting that the progress update is coming a little late this month. As we continue to chip away at the block of what needs to be completed for the release of v1.0.0.0, we are also attempting to balance school as well as our personal lives at the same time, which does cause progress to slow down to a bit of a trickle at times. Having said that, progress has not come to a complete halt, and February has brought forth some rather nice changes that may not be immediately apparent to everybody who is playing the game, but they will allow the game to become much more stable & faster, along with getting even closer to matching the behaviors of Toontown Online.

Perhaps some of the biggest progress this month thus far has been further refinement of the DNA system, which is responsible for loading most areas in-game, as well as handling some behaviors of the Cogs. After a lot of trial & error, our DNA system is now better than ever before, and this will certainly be noticeable in the form of faster load times, less graphical glitches, and greater stability overall!

Another step forward this month has been the re-implementation of Lawbot Field Offices into the new code-base; I just finished those earlier today! This may not seem like much, however we have also greatly polished Field Offices overall in the process. No game-play elements are changing, but what already exists is even better now than what you are used to, and it is yet another feature that can be checked off on the ever-shrinking list of features left to implement!

In a little over a week from now, it’ll have been eight months since the last release of any Toontown Offline update. We understand that v2.5.7 is far from perfect and is full of many issues that make the overall experience rather unpleasant. We apologize for the long stretch of time between the release of v2.5.7 and the impending release of v1.0.0.0, however we assure you that it will be very much worth the wait, and we are working as diligently as possible to bring you the next generation of Toontown Offline. Having said that, that is all from me for this month’s progress update. Have a good one, folks!