Happy New Year!

A new year means new updates to Toontown Offline- and boy have we been working on them. Since the last post around three weeks ago, development on v1.0.0.0 has picked up immensely.

Just in the past few weeks, Toon Parties have been completed (minus the invitation system). If you've been keeping up with the past few blog posts, you'll know that Parties are the last major Toontown Online feature we have yet to add to our new code-base. Now, only a handful of features from Online need to be added until we have everything from the original game. But we're not stopping there!

A few of our developers have been focused on bringing over our own features from the old Offline code-base. Not only are we just porting them over, but we've been making heavy changes and improvements to some of our most beloved features. In the thumbnail for this post, you will see some of our new additions relating to the Magic Word system; though there are many more in the pipeline. With all the features we're bringing over to v1.0.0.0, we're making sure to put all of them through the wringer so they all meet a new standard of quality we've set forth for our game.

We're in the final stretch of our next major update, and our developers, artists, and musicians alike have all been working hard over our winter break to make it possible. It'll just be a little while longer of waiting, and then hopefully everyone will enjoy this clean slate. Until next month though, I hope you're all enjoying the start to the new year. Make sure that 2019 is the best it can be for yourself. Thank you for reading this post, and have a good one all!

- Benjamin
Lead Content Producer
Toontown Offline Team