Another month, another progress update- except this one is just a couple days early so I could get it in on the weekend. Hello everyone, I hope school or work is treating you well as we're now full swing into Autumn. Without further delay, let me dive into the progress being made on our next update, v1.0.0.0!

One feature in particular that's been receiving some updates is the Prologue Episode. We still have quite bit more we want to do, however efforts have been made this past month in enhancing the Episode to what is hopefully it's final form. We believed this to be the case last year, but as many times have shown, our team gains more experience over time and we like to reflect this in our work. It's not only changes that are being made to the Prologue, however. As you may have picked up on in today's post thumbnail, we will be making a few small addition. Our goal is to further replicate the original Toontown installer video. After all, that's what the Prologue is based on! Some of these additions will only be featured in a new, shortened version of the Prologue. In order to view this version, players will have to idle on the "Pick-A-Toon" screen for a couple minutes. Any activity will trigger the scene to end go back to Toon selection. As we showed off last month, Scrooge McDuck has received some slight edits to his character model. This, in addition to some edits to the Chairman model, will hopefully better resemble the art-style Disney had in place for the game. There are also other ideas we have been tossing about to improve, or perhaps even extend the Prologue. For now these ideas will stay ideas, and our goal is to only improve what we feel is necessary. We would rather not go off on a tangent and put wasted resources into something we don't need. At the same time, we hope these updates serve as a small teaser to the quality of content seen in our future update, Seek Out Scrooge.

Within the past week, our developers have also been working on Discord Integration. If you have a Discord account and play games frequently, then you probably know what this is. For those who don't, Discord Integration will allow your game status to be displayed on your profile in Discord. Your Toon name, Mini-Server IP (if you are connected to one), and location will be displayed in the Discord app. More information will be revealed on this feature in a future post.

Magic Words have received some attention recently as well. They have been re coded from the ground up due to the past Magic Word system being developed by Toontown Rewritten. With this re implementation, we have added some additional functionality to Magic Words. One thing we really looked for when adding functionality was customization. Users will be able to set a semi-custom activator key in their settings, so it is no longer mandatory to use "~". Another way players will be able to customize their Magic Word experience will reside in customizing the Magic Word "Wizard". Rather than Magic Millie executing your Magic Words, Magic Mickey has taken up the role. Server hosters will be able to change this name to whichever name they wish in the settings for their server. We are looking into making more options for Magic Words, but for now they remain ideas.

Aside from those two features, things are slowly cranking along in terms of building up our new source. We continuing to add back missing features from Toontown Online, while maintaining a balance of a few new, smaller features. You can expect to see some additional Easter Eggs, Magic Words, and miscellaneous features in v1.0.0.0. A multitude of the fun and silly features in our game are considerably easy to add, so we are always open to adding a few here and there. On the other hand, our story and battle content take the most out of our development time. Remember though, we always strive to maintain a balance between all content we work on.

And I believe with that, our blog post for the month is over. As always, I hope you enjoyed what we had to share this month. Be sure to stay up to date with our project through either our website or our Discord server. Make the best of the Autumn season, and I will speak to you soon next month! Until then, have a good one all!

- Benjamin
Lead Content Producer
Toontown Offline Team