Hey there Toons! It sure has been a while! I've been busy helping the Toon Council with setting up the Christmas decorations for the festivities! Rocky was really in the giving mood this year, he gave me this cool gag backpack! Except... he filled it with bike horns... Coach Z wasn't too happy when I brought it with me on our factory run... I think there was some Toon with us too... We look quite similar, luckily I got that backpack to distinguish! And he's in that little pirate get-up too. I wanted to tell him that it was Christmas, not Halloween. But I held my tongue. Coach Z got especially mad when he used an Opera Voice..... Bah, he's just a coach. What does he know? I'm surprised the factory was practically untouched from the heaps of snow! Once we got back to Toontown Central we had a pretty awesome snowball fight thanks to the new snow with Bear E. Funny handing out the snowballs! The Toon Council even bothered to teach everyone a new strategy of fishing! Try in between both at will! And with that comes lots of bug squashing of course! Make sure to check out the toon-torial too! Gah.. wait a minute. Rocky's telling me something... what's that? He's saying that he made the "launcher" a lot more user friendly... he's also saying to make sure to "re-download" it. Whatever that means... Welp, see you Toons next time!