Welcome to the first of many upcoming weekly posts, titled The Scrapped Content Showcase!

Toontown Offline has been worked on for many years now, and in that time we've garnered a plethora of scrapped content. As things have been slower on the news front recently, we have decided to show bits and pieces of this each week in an effort to hold our players over for what's to come. There is so much old content in our backlogs that we expect to have several months worth of posts ahead of us here, so we hope you're ready as we are for the ride. Before we begin, we have several disclaimers you should take note of:

- The images and video you will see in these posts are all scrapped. They will most likely never be released in the full game.

- Some of this content ranges anywhere from 1 to 4 years old. It does NOT represent our current standard of quality today.

- The majority of this content will be showcasing the scrapped "Interim Elections". From time to time, we will show off other things.

- There is a possibility this content will be playable one day, but not in the official release of the game.

- We didn't scrap this content for fun. With scrapped content comes a much better experience in the not so distant future.

- These weekly posts won't happen on any particular day of the week. There is also a chance we may skip a week now and again. We could also double-up and post twice in a week.

With that out of the way, let's get straight to business. This week I will be giving a brief overview of what our Operation: Duck Hunt update was once called- the Interim Elections.

The Interim Elections Event was a follow-up event to the Elections that would take the Toons through new zones and battles in hopes of saving Slappy. Through the next few months, I will be going in detail regarding the storyline and gameplay of the event. There will be screenshots, video, old text documents, and more. Today, I have made a collage of images bringing together a vague overview of the event. Each screenshot is from a different portion, and they're in order from the start of the event to the end.

Until next week I leave you to gaze upon these images without much context. I'm excited to talk more about each one of them in the near future! As always, have a great rest of your day and be sure to enjoy your Summer to the max. Have a good one all!

- Rocky Reborn