And so, the season of Summer begins! Hello all and welcome back to the monthly progress update blog post. This month I have a lot to share with you in terms of updates coming to Toontown Offline. Let's jump into it!

In June we had three small patches made to the game containing new features and bug fixes, and for the month of July we plan to continue by releasing a new patch- Toontown Offline v2.6.0. This patch won't have too much, but it will contain significant content. Examples of such are:

- Tributes to the popular Toontown Youtuber Kong, who passed away last week

- Updates and polishing to Cog Field Offices

- Bug fixes

- Art polishing

We have been working on these updates on the side, and hope you enjoy them when released. However, onto other news pertaining Operation: Duck Hunt.

Progress on this update has been picking up the past week. We have been planning and working on a special showcase of sorts for some of the new content in Duck Hunt, and in a few weeks hope to share a few snippets of what's in store. We ask you stay patient with us as we continue to develop this major update. Our end-goal is to create content with the quality level of Disney when they were actively developing for the game. Our goal is to make sure every 3D model, texture, song, and snippet of dialogue feels as if it came from a Disney-made Toontown project to give you the most authentic Toontown experience possible when experiencing new content. This process takes a long time to get right and polish to quality standards, but rest assured it will very well be worth the long wait. The update is still being worked on on a regular basis and is making substantial progress towards completion. There is a boatload of content left to show off, but it would be improper to showcase all our work right now. We hope to surprise our players and the entire Toontown community with what we have to show. Trust us when we say, our current content for Duck Hunt is arguably the most impressive fan-made Toontown content to date. (At least we think so!)

In the meantime, however, I hope you enjoy what our small updates have to offer. If you're getting bored of our game, remember that there are always many other projects in the Toontown community. Toontown Rewritten, Toontown Infinite, Operation: Dessert Storm, and Toontown's Funny Farms are all projects we recommend you check out for a different spin on the Toontown experience.

That will be all for this month, folks. Please be sure to enjoy your summer vacations to the fullest extent, and until next time, have a good one all!

- Rocky Reborn