Hey, it's Ryno again, and it's also the end of the month again. Time to deliver to y'all some updates.

Most team members are finally off of school. With such valuable time at our disposal now, we can finally get back onto that Duck Hunt grind. I sure know that Sparky (or John in some circles) is up for the task. We'll all need that grind to happen, especially with the ReplayFX ToonFest coming soon.

In-game stuff (and more related ToonFest news), we know that Riggy Marole has been trapping many Toons inside of ToonFest, unable to leave without the game crashing. Luckily, Sparky figured out a fix to it, so a v2.5.6 should come soon. And with a new update comes me needing to be less lazy about release notes. I really need to get v2.5.5 release notes out, so expect those soon after this post.

So yeah, that's what's going on right now. Now I gotta jump off this moving train before it arrives at it's destination. I'll get into some legal trouble if he catches me. See ya!

- Ryno