Ah, yes. The grand time of posting progress updates. I'm peeping in to update y'all about what's been going on for the past month.

April was an interesting time for the Offline team, as a pretty major change has happened. Our own hard-working, dedicated Benjamin decided to leave the team. He put in a ton of effort into Duck Hunt, and was more dedicated to it than anyone else ever was (and probably will be). Of course, one person doing a heavy load of work can take it's toll, so he quit to seek other ambitions. We wish him well to whatever he tackles next in life, and we will strive to make sure that his commitments to the project do not go to waste.

In regards to any Duck Hunt progress this past month, not much has been worked on due to 2.5 patches and other priorities in our lives. I can't make any promises, but hopefully in about a month, work can ramp up again when most of the team is off of school and has much more time on our hands. I myself have some (arguably) pretty cool ideas that I'm eager to work on when I'm not clogged with tons of other work outside of the game.

So that's all I really have to share about progress thus far. Now I gotta get outta here before they catch me. See ya!

- Ryno