Hey, it's me again, and of course we couldn't have an update without some things breaking.

What basically happened was that some people were sending in reports that the Squirting Flower episode was crashing their games. It was also brought to our attention that Magic Mille was having issues ordering a ban. So me, Sparky, Pink Lemonade, and Qloo went out to hunt for the cause of these issues. Turns out that there was an angry Glad Hander and another robot messing with the episodes vault in our game-making compartment of a secret Sellbot Factory replica (it's very well explained plot, don't worry about it). We got rid of the Glad Hander, but Lemonade and Qloo were intrigued by the huge robot that was messing about with the banning system. It appeared to be a small little girl, but of course one that towered over us. She got sassy with us for breaking in on a "secret mission" apparently, but despite her obvious connection to the Cogs, we couldn't bring ourselves to actually defeat her. I mean, she looked too Toony to be of the Cog's creation.

I went to talk to Surlee about it, but he dismissed me very quick-like. While I was doing that, Lemonade and Qloo actually went to Magic Mille to ask if she could add that robot to the list of Cheesy Effects. It didn't take long before I saw the two of them walking into Toontown Central as the robot girl. We've had some other Toons come up to us exclaiming about the "Anime Chairman," and while I can agree on the "anime" part, I doubt that this is what the actual Chairman may look like. I mean, no one on the Toon Council even knows what the Chairman looks like, let alone some random Toons that we found in TTC. For all we know, he could be a huge Boss Cog like the C.E.O. with a chair for a head, like Lord Lowden Clear has theorized.

Okay, silly storytelling aside, I had screwed something up with the Squirting Flower episode in v2.5.1 (fixed in v2.5.2), and Nickdoge hadn't fixed banning well enough for it to work. So truly, and hopefully, in v2.5.3, banning will work. Then me and Smokin' Foreman worked to get the Anime Chairman into the game as a Cheesy Effect (~setCE 25) in time for v2.5.3. In regards to functionality, she has as much functionality as the Surlee Cutout, but with some animations to come with. You can change her expression with the ~setEyes command if you so please.

Unless we have broken something else horribly in this update, this should be the last game update until Duck Hunt. Until next time, arivoir!

- Ryno