Wow, it's only been a measely 8 days since the last post. However, instead of being about an update on Duck Hunt progress, it's about an update to the game!

With v2.5.0, there have been a plethora of issues that really needed to be fixed, from crashing going to your estate, to unintentionally banning yourself when using the ban command, to crashing randomly when loading into holiday events. Those issues are going away today.

There are various new additions and changes that have also been added to the game, such as new Accessory ID tabs on the Magic Words page, a new Rainbow Toon color, an entire overhaul on the in-game music's quality, a complete change to the Districts page (now called the Mini-Server page), among other things. Check the release notes for more information.

Alongside the release of v2.5.1, we're also releasing the Mini-Servers List page on our website, which is a step up from the entirely manual server list on our Discord server. You'll be able to request your server to be listed, which, if approved, will show live updates about the server's status and population on the Mini-Server List. This list will also be available in-game on the Mini-Server page in your Shtickerbook.

Hopefully this is the last update to the game until the release of Duck Hunt, unless there's something that we horribly broke. Until then, enjoy the update!

- Ryno