Do you like it? Not too shabby if I do say so myself. Yes, what I'm talking about is our new website! The web developers & artists on our team have been working hard to create this new website, and today, it makes its debut. Here are a couple of words from our lead Web Developer, Jake:

"While this isn't a content release or game update, it is an update that is close to me, for obvious reasons.

Before joining the team, the Toontown Offline website was pretty meh in my opinion and lacked any information or features to attract new players to the game, nor educating any players about what it is without saying "just join the Discord", and to this day it still doesn't do the one thing a website is supposed to do. Today that changes!

It was obvious to me that the old redesign wasn't going to cut it for new features such as the server page (which is coming soon!) and many other features that aren't even thought of yet, which is why we've created a brand new front-end design that incorporates both the fun aspect of Toontown while also maintaining a professional and clean look to spark the interest of any new players. That being said, the website right now is a bit bare-bones, only providing information about the game but as time progresses more features will be added, including some awesome Duck Hunt downloads upon release and of course, the server list."

We hope you enjoy browsing our site as we continue to update it over the upcoming months. Now that we have that out of the way, let's get to the juicy stuff- Operation: Duck Hunt.

I am pleased to announce that the thick of the Operation: Duck Hunt update is nearly complete. We are putting our finishing touches on what we think to have been the most difficult part of the update to produce. However, that does not mean the update as a whole is receiving final polishing- just the largest portion of it. Rest assured we don't intend to take a break anytime soon. The remaining portions of the Operation: Duck Hunt update are coming along swimming. We are confident that with the progress we're making, the update will be released this year.

That being said, I am slightly hesitant to give a teaser (a scrapped one at that) like I did last month. However, if you were to check out a video by Smokin' Foreman earlier this month, you'll find that a scrapped cutscene for the Duck Hunt update was showcased for all Toons to gaze their eyes upon. You can take a look at that below:

Well, that's all about all the news we have for this month. Please check back on March 31st for the next progress update post, where hopefully there will be more upcoming (or soon to be released) content to showcase! Until next time, have a good one all!

- Rocky Reborn