Hey there Toons! Halloween is here! You know what that means! The celebration is here. We've spotted numerous living pumpkins in Toontown Central, perfect for the festivities! Surlee even found one of those ol' skelecogs,a friendly one at that. Tossed a pumpkin head on him and boom! We got ourselves someone to give you Toons all the pumpkin heads that your heart desires! It's also even darker this time around, and it seems that with that the Cogs are celebrating halloween as well! We found a new golf course in Bossbot HQ labelled "Terrifying Two". I say to give it a go as Rocky, Loony, Ned and myself had a blast of a time trying it out! But even in such little time, it seems the Cogs managed to redesign Bossbot HQ entirely! The Executive Office... I wonder what that's about... Never mind my rambling. I better get going, Rocky needs me. See you Toons in Toontown!

Toontown Offline v2.1- Halloween Update

Mini-Servers have been re-added to the game!

Play Toontown Offline with up to 7 other friends.

Servers will not be hosted by us. Instead, players need to host mini-servers themselves.

A brand new GUI has been created to join a mini-server. No more editing text files if you want to change servers!

The Prologue feature will be disabled when mini-servers are active.

A new feature has been added to deal with misbehaving Toons: Finding a misbehaving Toon's account in the database and changing a setting in there will severely limit their gameplay (equivalent to a non-member in Toontown Online.)

Never download Toontown Offline in a ZIP file again!

Starting today, you can receive any and all Toontown Offline updates via our new launcher.

For those who want to download the entire game in full without the launcher, there will still be a ZIP file available for you.

The Prologue has been Tooned-Up!

A new "Episodes" tab has been added to the Pick-A-Toon screen. The Prologue may now be played under this tab. This change was made to make room for future short cinematic experiences such as the Prologue.

The timeline has been altered! The Chairman now looks and acts much different in Gyro's Lab.

The Moneybin now has an interior, but you need a key to enter! Be the first to unveil this new easter egg today! [This easter egg is mostly non-canon]

Oak Street now begins to darken to explain the black skies seen through Gryo's Lab windows.

Toontown Offline Staff easter egg Toons have been updated.

The "13 Years Ago" text upon beginning the Prologue will now change depending on what year you're playing in.

Various small tweaks to dialogue, textures, and object placement in the Prologue.

It's Halloween in Toontown Offline!

Halloween will automatically activate from October 24th to October 31st each year.

Added Toontown Rewritten Halloween Pick-A-Toon. In addition, the GUI for the game startup and game loading screens have also been revamped when Halloween is active.

Disney characters now dress up for Halloween like in Toontown Online.

Two cogs have decided even they should dress up for Halloween! Can you hunt down which two they are?

All the Playgrounds of Toontown are even darker than years past! Toontown Central specifically is now home to several pumpkins that have come to life!

A Spooky Skelecog has now appeared in Toontown Central, but Flippy assures it's a friendly, rouge cog. It's giving out Pumpkin Heads until Halloween is over!

Implemented Toontown Rewritten Bossbot Headquarters.

Even the Cogs have began to celebrate Halloween! A new golf course named the "Terrifying Two" has a new tunnel in Bossbot Headquarters. This new golf course consists of two new original courses corresponding with two new golf soundtracks. Go to Bossbot Headquarters and play some golf today!

Several pieces of Halloween clothing have been added to the game. Use the ~dna command to access these. A couple new phrases have been added to the Halloween Speedchat Menu.


Add various memed and other clothing, including two costumes from other video games. Use the ~dna command to access these.

Clean up the Toontown Offline logo to look prettier on the initial loading screen.

You can now buy houses from the Cattlelog! They cost 2000 jellybeans each.

A new hat has been added: The Magic Hat. Use ~setHat 57 to get it!

Potentially fix Gyro's Lab crashes in the Prologue.

The C. E. O. has upgraded his waiters; they are now always v2.0 Cogs.

Fix several crashes relating to a few Cog Bosses.

Added a new feature to change your camera angle. Hold down your middle mouse button and scroll to change your camera angle. Likewise, there is a new config option in settings.json which can enable it without having to hold your mouse button down.

Remove unreleased magic words from the Magic Words Page in your Shticker Book.

Add several more words to the Magic Words Page in your Shticker Book.

We have made some experimental fixes to the Cattlelog. Please check your Cattlelog very frequently to make sure you don't crash!

More music has been added to the Deluxe Jukebox.

Animations are now frame-blended. Toontown should look a lot smoother now!

Tank-drive mode (CTRL+Tab) is now a PROPER first-person mode! You now walk in the direction you're looking.

Next Update Teaser In the spirit of Halloween, the Cogs have decided to send a message to the Toons between Midnight and 1:00 AM on October 31st in your timezone. This teaser will hint towards the next, and major Toontown Offline update. You must enter Toontown Central between these times for the teaser to activate.